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Soulmate Versus Twin Flame: What’s The Difference between Soulmate and Twin Flame?

Soulmate Versus Twin Flame: What’s The Difference between Soulmate and Twin Flame?

Soulmates and twin flames are two very different things. Sometimes we might be lucky to find our soulmate or twin flame in our lifetime. 

These two things might sound the same but they are both as different as they could ever be. Now let’s look at the meaning of both words for those who are just hearing them for the first time, especially the word twin flame.

What is a Soulmate?

A soulmate is two souls that are destined to be together, sometimes we get lucky and our soulmate is also our life partner, other times our soulmate can be our friends or even relatives.

Also, not everyone gets lucky enough to meet their soulmate in this lifetime. Soul mates are naturally comfortable with each other and often very compatible.

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is an intense soul connection or better still a twin flame is the same soul cut into two; your twin flame mirrors you.

Difference between soul mate and twin flame

There are several differences between a soulmate and a twin flame. Here are some noticeable differences; 

1. A soulmate relationship is mostly a strong connection between two people. While It is not always a  romantic bond, a twin flame must always be a  romantic bond. Also, a twin flame requires a great deal more work to make it work than a soulmate. 

2. While a twin flame is one soul split into two, soulmates are just two souls that have an extraordinary connection.

3. It can be difficult to build a relationship with your twin flame, and it is not always an instant connection, but with your soulmate, it is always ever easy to forge a connection, as the connection is instant.

4. You can have more than one soulmate in one lifetime but with your twin flame, you can only have one twin flame in one lifetime.

5. Your twin flame makes you feel and think of your insecurities while being with your soulmate helps boost your confidence in yourself.

6. Communication with your twin flame is effortless. You don’t need words to communicate as you both understand each other already, but communicating with your soulmate can be a little more difficult.

7. The connection between soulmates often comes effortlessly and instantaneously. Soulmate understanding of each other is often easy and they can easily balance each other out, while on the other hand, the connection between twin flames is often difficult to establish. The relationship is often of the purpose of teaching you and enabling you to grow.

9.  Sometimes when you look at your soulmate you can identify your strength and your weakness in them and sometimes you even notice the things you didn’t pay attention to in the first place. While with your twin flame it is not always so. The flame always starts with a chase; one person recognizes the twin flame and the other person is still in denial.

Similarities between a twin flame and soulmate

1. Soulmate and twin flame both have an undefined relationship with the soul. When you first meet either your soulmate or your twin flame it is a bit difficult to tell them apart because they have the same first-time reaction.

2. When you meet either your soulmate or twin flame you feel an instant connection, you feel like this person is somebody you have to know immediately.

3. Both a twin flame and a soul mate relationship touch the soul on a deeper level, they both feel like you finally found where you are supposed to be. It feels like home.

4. Sometimes for those who believe in such things it feels like you have met the person that you are destined to be with once you meet either your soulmate or twin flame

5. It is usually believed that you have had a past relationship with either your twin flame or soulmate in your previous life.

Can your soul mate also be your twin flame?

This question causes a lot of confusion, but the answer is no your soulmate can’t be your twin flame.

With a soulmate, you can have more than one soulmate and it is not always romantic while a twin flame is just one person you share an unexplained bond with and it must be a romantic relationship.

So no your soulmate can not transform into your twin flame, neither is your twin flame the same as your soul mate.

Signs he is your soulmate

Identifying your soulmate is not always an easy task, most times you have to search deep down and take note of some signs to enable you to identify your soulmate.

1.  You feel like your found your best friend:

When you are with your soulmate there is no forced connection, and you feel like you found your friend, your love and they are all in one person.

When you find someone that you can call your friend, your man, your everything, and also your best friend then it is a clear sign that you found your soulmate.

2. You feel calm when you are around them or they are close to you:

When with your soulmate, you feel this utmost calm just from being close to him, he is your happy and safest place to be, you feel an innermost peace within you, and you feel like this is home, a place you want to be forever. 

3. When you balance each other out:

With your soulmate, there is no stress, just an easy-breezy relationship, you don’t have to be a replica of your soulmate, you both are allowed to have different personalities.

What matters is how well you can handle these different personalities and balance each other out well.

Your chill nature should be able to complement his own more anxious and overzealous nature.

4. Your life goals and his are the same:

When I say your life goals are the same I do not mean they have to be the same or a replica of yours. It simply means that both of you agree on your goals and life plans, and you agree on what both of you want from life e.g. the number of kids, how to raise those kids, the kind of career you both want.

You guys are allowed to disagree about stuff, but the major life goals are something you both just agree on and click on from the onset, and both of you want the same things from life.

5. You don’t have to pretend around him:

When you find your soulmate you don’t feel the need to be someone else around them, you are free to show your true self, let your hair down, and just be you around them.

You know that they love you just for you; they accept your flaws, your imperfections and they just want you. He knows all of your secrets and he still loves you for you.

6. You understand each other emotionally: 

Your soulmate understands you emotionally, he understands the unspoken love language, and you don’t need to keep telling him how to love you.

He knows how to love you and respect you.

Your love language could be physically touching or just saying sweet words of love, and you don’t have to explain it to him anymore because he understands you and knows how to express his love beautifully for you.

7. He is your biggest cheerleader:

Your soulmate is your biggest fan, he cheers for you during your highs and lows, and just seeing you makes him happy.

When you see him, you instantly feel this burst of joy from within, then you don’t need anyone to convince you that he is your soulmate.

You constantly want him to win as much as he wants you to win, and you both are rooting for each other.

8. You feel secure:

When you are with your soulmate you don’t feel the need to hear constant reassurance, because you are confident in his love for you.

He has made you feel so loved and special that you don’t need to hear how much he loves you constantly because you just know it. You trust him and even though jealousy might creep in once in a while, you don’t let it destroy your love.

soulmates holding hands.

Signs that he is your twin flame

 Just like twin flames vary from a soulmate, so do the signs on how to tell them apart.

1. You instantly recognize him:

When you first meet your twin flame there is an instant recognition like you’ve known him before, you long to meet him.

You long for interaction with him, you feel this intense bond as if you have met this person before and you have this overwhelming urge to have this person in your life.

2. Your interests are mostly similar:

When you meet your twin flame you find out that you have a common interest. Sometimes you may even find out that you have a lot of things in common; things like your values and past experiences.

Sometimes you may even be surprised to find out that your past experiences are way too similar and you have shared a lot of coincidences.

3. You are drawn to your twin flame like a magnet:

 With your twin flame, the attraction is instantaneous from the moment you meet them.

You feel drawn to him like a magnet, and when he is far from you, you feel like a part of him is still with you. You always want to have a part of your twin flame with you.

4. Your relationship with your twin flame is not always smooth: 

Being with your twin flame is like being around yourself so you are constantly being confronted with those parts of yourself you can’t stand.

It can be incredibly challenging and tough just being with your twin flame sometimes, but at the same time, it is major growth facilitation for both of you.

5. You can’t let go of each other:

With your twin flame no matter how hard you try, you can’t let go. You might fight, break up, and not talk for years, but you’ll always find a way back to each other’s arms.

No matter how intense the fear or even the pain and heartbreak you cost each other, you both always find a way back to each other no matter how long it takes.

Many believe that most times on and off couples are actually twin flames but they are yet to realize it.

6. You have an unexplainable connection:

Sometimes with your twin flame, you can’t explain your connection. It feels like it was divinely ordained. With your twin flame, you feel as though God himself ordained him especially for you and this can lead to a very strong and unbreakable bond between the two of you.

7. Your twin flame pushes you to be the best version of yourself:

When you find your twin flame he is always pushing you to do better, and he becomes your biggest cheerleader and advocate.

Just because your twin flame is your mirror, he knows that you can do better than you are currently doing so he is always pushing you to attain your best height. Your purpose goes hand in hand so if he is pushing you to do better he is also pushing himself.

8. With your twin flame you feel like you are home: 

We have all heard of the saying that a house is not always home but with your twin flame wherever he stays feels like home, you feel welcomed and happy just being with him you feel safe and comfortable he is your haven and you want to just be around him for as long as you can. 

Between your twin flame and your soul mate, which is better?

Your soulmate relationship can be a bit calmer and less intense than that of your twin flame which is more chaotic, intense and most times you and your twin flame often come together for a purpose. Both the twin flame and the soulmate are different; they serve different purposes so neither is better than the other; they are simply just different. Also if you are still not sure, you can still check out these 21 questions you need to ask your partner in a relationship before moving on to the next level. If you want to get more information about so and so you can check it out.


The twin flame and the soulmate are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that we all need to experience at some point in time. Most times you are lucky enough to find both your twin flame and soulmate in one person, but it is very rare and difficult to see.

When you find your twin flame and your soulmate you should hold on to them, love them and cherish them, never take them for granted.

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