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How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss (Everything You Should Know)

How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss (Everything You Should Know)

Most men express their feelings through actions. So kissing is one way they show their true intentions.

A kiss can be interpreted in several ways. The manner in which he kisses you and how he reacts determines how he feels about you.

Although a man’s kiss means that he is drawn to you, it could mean much more than that.

Does he kiss you passionately on your lips? Are his eyes closed during the kiss? Do you notice him staring at you afterwards?

The way he kisses you can help you know if he loves you and has deep feelings for you.

When a guy kisses you with terndeness that simmers down into your core, it might mean that he loves you and wants to treat you with utmost care.

I will share a few more tips that will make you understand what his kiss says about his feelings and intentions for you.

Sometimes, words cannot be replaced with actions since actions speak louder than words.

How do you know he loves you by the way he kisses you?

A kiss can reveal a lot about a person’s feelings for you. You should know that love can be felt through a kiss when done right.

It’s more than just an activity that is engaged in for the sake of intimacy. It goes much deeper. So you should always watch out for the way he reacts before, during, and after the kiss.

I wouldn’t advise you to kiss just anybody. It’s only appropriate to kiss someone with whom you share intense feelings of emotion, passion, and warmth.

It is a feeling that transcends beyond friendship.

There are a couple of ways you can know for a fact that he loves you when you share a kiss with him. I will share them with you on this page.

The first thing you should watch out for is the way he touches you passionately while you kiss. He holds you tenderly as if to say he is your protector. He draws close to you as his body melts into yours.

You are close enough for you to hear the rhythm of his heartbeat as he enjoys the moment.

During the course of kissing, you discover that his eyes are closed as he kisses you with intense passion.

Oftentimes, he does this to maintain his concentration as he fantasizes about the kiss in his mind’s eye. After the kiss, you’ll notice that he looks at you with a smile when he is finished. As if he couldn’t get enough of your lips, he feels happy locking lips with you.

At some point, he might open his eyes to gaze at you so as to maintain a connection with you.

He also allows you to take the lead and makes sure you are involved. This man does not only think about himself during the exercise of passion. He makes sure you are into it too.

When you are not into it, he will likely stop to ask you what’s going on with you. That’s how you tell he cares so much about you.

He will take a quick break when he kisses your lips and will try to reach for another section of your flesh. Your neck or ear regions might be kissed.

He will use his lips to touch every area as if he wants to feast on you.

You can tell he enjoys his lips on yours by how he acts as if he expects the act to last forever.

When a man enjoys kissing you, your lips will always attract him. And when he gets a taste of it, he never gets tired and doesn’t want to stop.

Note this significant point. When you are locking lips with this man, he allows the action to progress into what is mutually agreed upon. This guy would not kiss you for a few seconds and then try to get into your legs.

He may want sex, but he is unwilling to rush you into it.

How can you tell he loves you by the type of kiss?

1. Close-mouth kiss

This often occurs when he is in love with you but not yet cozy with you. The kiss is expected to become deeper as he gets to know you.

Sometimes it can either mean that the guy is shy or doesn’t know how to kiss you.

He will choose to have his lips touch yours with his mouth closed. This type of kiss could also be known as a peck kiss.

2. French kiss

This is a kiss that involves the use of your tongue to rub your partner’s tongue, lips, and mouth.

If he kisses you with his tongue, that is one direct way to show he loves you. A man has to love you pretty deeply to kiss you this passionately.

Because in the process, he will have a lot of your saliva in his mouth, and only someone who loves you will allow that.

The intensity of this kiss is suitable for foreplay. Doing this means he loves you and finds you sexually attractive.

3. A forehead kiss

Your man will kiss your forehead with his lips in this method. Doing that indicates that he will always be there for you to protect you.

A man will give you this kiss to let you know he will always be with you. This kiss means he is always here to protect you.

4. The American kiss

The American kiss is just like the French kiss. But this time, you won’t use your tongue. You will progress slowly from a closed mouth to something more profound than a tongue kiss.

If a guy does this, he loves you and enjoys romance with you.

5. A kiss on the nose

A man will kiss you on the nose if he likes to see you smile. When a man does this to you, he knows you will smile, so he will do this whenever he wants to see your beautiful teeth.

Goofy men who later turn into fun partners often kiss you this way.

6. A kiss on your neck

He knows this style will turn you on. So if he is doing this, it indicates he is trying to be intimate with you as you proceed.

A man who does this with you wants to turn you on. If he rushes from a lip kiss to a neck kiss, it might mean he wants to have sex with you badly.

7. A shoulder kiss

This style shows trust. With this, he wants you to know he is loyal to you and trusts you. And he also wants you to trust him.

This is a very passionate kiss. A partner who does this with you likes you and can’t do without you.

8. A kiss on the cheek

This kiss could mean that he loves you as a friend. Or he loves you but is too shy to make a move. He may just be holding back because he has to take things slow.

If he is someone you are dating and he kisses you on your cheek, it means he respects or wants to comfort you. This kiss usually puts a smile on your face.

9. A kiss on your hand

He wants to treat you like a princess who can ask for anything, and he’ll do it. A guy will give you this to let you know your wish is his command.

It also means he is devoted to you and respects you. If he’s just a friend, this kiss may signify friendship.

10. A kiss on your stomach

If you are not pregnant and he does this all the time, he wants a future with you. He sees you as the future mother of his kids.

This kind of kiss means the man sees you as his own and is sexually attracted to you.

11. A lip-biting kiss

This demonstrates that the guy likes you and might want to turn you on. It takes an excellent kisser to do this.

He does this by giving you a gentle bite on your lip while he kisses you. This shows he wants you to always remember him.

12. A peck kiss

This is the kind of quick kiss a man would give you when he is about to leave your presence, after or before hugging you.

It’s usually a less sensual kiss. In other words, he will give you this with his lips touching yours within seconds.

13. A kiss on your ear

This signifies he loves every part of you and is comfortable with you. It could also mean he wants to be sexual with you. Although this type of kiss has been said to cause deafness, it is a sensual kiss that can put anybody in the mood for sex.

14. A kiss after an argument

This indicates that no matter how much you quarrel, he will always be by your side and won’t give up on his love for you.

This kind of kiss means that a man values you. He could give you a peck or kiss you deeply during or after a fight.

It could also mean that he doesn’t have the ability to listen and tries to use this to shut you up when you talk.

15. Body kiss

As the name implies, this kind of kissing is when you kiss almost every part of your partner’s body. It can be fun when you want to play with your partner.

But it is a very erotic and intimate kind of kiss. When a guy does this with you, he wants to put you in the mood. He loves and is comfortable with you too.

16. A kiss on the back of your neck

This is a kiss a guy will give after hugging you from the back or when he is trying to put you in a sexual mood. It is usually a very comforting kiss. And it can be interesting, too, if the guy does it when you are unaware.

17. A blowing kiss

This does not involve locking lips. He uses it to show that he cares so much about you.

He might do this when he is not physically close to you. Although this is more of a greeting, like saying goodbye, it can also be romantic. It depends on who is doing it.

18. A kiss on the eyelid

He cherishes you and thinks you’re beautiful because he wants to cherish you. It signifies that he feels safe around you and is devoted to you.

It could just be him trying to make you smile. Kisses like this will help him achieve that goal.

A man can kiss you without loving you

Have you ever found yourself wondering if a man can kiss you without loving you?

Yes, a man can. Some men may only want to have sex with you, no strings attached. So they could kiss you passionately without love or emotion.

It’s easier because it is more like a game to them. They do it without having any feelings for you.

Men are more sexual than women. A man can see a girl that he does not have any relationship feelings for and wants to have sex with her.

This implies that he has to kiss her too. And if he is an experienced player, his kissing might even be so passionate that you will think he loves you.

This is why you have to watch out for other signs. If he is only interested in sex and not doing anything else to show you he loves you, then that man is just using you.

What’s Going On In The Mind Of A Man During A Kiss?

Different thoughts rotate in a man’s mind when he kisses you. What runs through his mind could also depend on how deep your relationship with him is.

Here are a few thoughts that might go through his head as he kisses you:

  1. He might be thinking about how beautiful you are.
  2. The kiss might lead to sex.
  3. How long would the kiss last?
  4. If you are into it.
  5. How he finally has you (if it’s your first kiss with him).
  6. If you like the way he kisses you.

Reasons he likes kissing you so much

Have you been searching for the answer to why he likes kissing you so much? It could imply a few things.

It could mean that he loves you so much and cannot get enough of you. Or he is just sexually attracted to you and kissing you always leads to the sex he wants.

A man will always kiss you if he finds it enjoyable.

Locking lips with you is a sign that a man wants you. And if he thinks you are a terrific kisser, it can also make him want to kiss you.

However, this kiss session always progresses to something else.

Like sex or deep romance, he might not like kissing you. He does it because it will always lead to sex. A man can be madly in love with you and find you sexually irresistible if that is not all he wants or does with you.

How To Tell He Enjoyed The Kiss

He will tell you if he is the open type. You will see his big smile even if he does not say a word. If he enjoys the kiss, he’ll hold you close and return for more.

During a kiss, you will know if a man is comfortable locking lips with you. And he will allow you to take the lead if he wants you to have fun.

You enjoy kissing him because this man enjoys kissing you too. One-sided kisses are very rare. You can tell if a man is forcing himself to lock lips with you.

So if you sense it, he may not. If he kisses you passionately, he adores you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Type Of Kiss?

This depends on the person. But the most satisfying kind of kiss is the one that is done slowly. A kiss that is allowed to progress into something more intense.

When it is slow, it gives you time to explore other parts of your partner. Additionally, it strengthens your bond and connection.

However, there is nothing like the most romantic kiss. This is because this varies from couple to couple.

Yes, a slow kiss is more passionate and intimate, but it depends on what both of you like.

Maybe you can learn from this article about new styles of kissing you have not done before. Add that to your kissing adventures, and who knows, it might be your most mem

Why do men aggressively kiss?

It could be that that’s the one he enjoys, or he finds you irresistible, and whenever he sees you, he feels like eating you. This is why he gets so rushy when he kisses you.

It shouldn’t be an issue when rushed. But if you don’t like it, this is when communication comes in. You can talk to your partner about it.

If he does it after a long absence, that’s not always an issue. 

But if he is doing this always, and he is abusive outside of kissing you, then this man might be aggressive. That’s something you need to talk about.

What does it mean if a guy kisses you before leaving?

When a man is in love with you and wants to spend all his time with you, leaving you might feel like torture. So, a kiss before he leaves for some other activity is mostly to let you know he loves you and can’t wait to see you again.

If he had the opportunity, such men would never want to leave the presence of the women they are in love with.

The kiss is their last show of love before leaving your presence or departing.

Does it mean something when a guy looks at you while he kisses you?

Well, when some guys kiss with their eyes open, it could mean several things. There are many meanings to this open-eye kiss. It might be something to worry about, but it might also be a kiss that makes you smile.

If a guy kissing you for the first time has his eyes open while kissing you, it could mean that he isn’t interested in the kiss. This might be a signal that he didn’t enjoy the kiss.

But if it’s from your boyfriend who you have kissed countless times, he might be trying to see how you look during a kiss. He wants to use it as banter material.

A guy might also open his eyes during a kiss if you force him to kiss you. He probably is still stunned by the kiss and trying to see if he isn’t dreaming.

A guy might have his eyes opened during a kiss to gaze at you or ask for the next step.

What if a guy kisses you first?

It could mean he loves you and wants to be the man in your life. If you approve of him kissing you first, he wants to enjoy romance with you and a happy chapter in your life.

You should be careful of guys who kiss you first without your approval. It could mean that they don’t respect the boundaries you have created. These kinds of people won’t respect your boundaries if you are in a relationship with them.

What does it mean if a guy kisses you unexpectedly?

This is entirely dependent on the status of the guy in your life. If he is your boyfriend, he is trying to ignite the flame and make your heart race again. 

Unexpected kisses are soothing sometimes and might also help reassure you of the love he has for you.

If this guy is your crush, who you also have feelings for, he might be lost in your love. He wants you to know that he loves you and wants to be your boyfriend.

What does it mean if a guy kisses you passionately?

A passionate kiss from a guy means he is deeply engulfed in your love. The kiss shows how enmeshed he is in the pool of your love.

A passionate kiss might also come from a player who desperately wants to get in between your legs. Be careful when a new guy kisses you passionately, so as to avoid being heartbroken.

Take home

Using a kiss to tell if a guy loves you cannot always be accurate. Some guys can give you all the passion in the world and still end up playing with you.

Well, even if the way he kisses can give you an insight into how much he loves you, you should always watch his actions.

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