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How To Express Your Feelings To A Cancer Man

How To Express Your Feelings To A Cancer Man

Many women find it challenging to express their innate feelings to men. A few get the courage to speak up and get their message across to the Cancer man.

Telling a Cancer man, or any man for that matter, how you feel is never easy, but with a Cancer man, it can be a bit tricky.

Women often fear rejection. When you set out to tell a Cancer man how you feel, you should be ready for a “No,” too.

To successfully tell a Cancer man how you feel, you’ve got to know what to say and how to express it to him. Look out for the signs that show he likes you and don’t try to twist his hands to say yes to your advances.

Should I share my feelings with a Cancer man?

You should. If you love him, you should express your feelings to him. If you are waiting for him to express his feelings for you, you might wait a long while. 

Cancer men are shy and sensitive, so the most effective way to tell him how you feel is to be direct.

Make sure the Cancer man feels safe around you and has also shown signs of caring for you.

Friendship with a Cancer man will help you know his strengths and weaknesses. It will also give you a clue of what he feels for you.

Even if he doesn’t say the words, a Cancer man who is interested in you will show you through his actions. This way, you can be sure that the feelings are mutual before sharing your feelings.

How to make your feelings known

When making your feelings and intentions clear to a Cancer man, it is crucial that you have a laid-out plan. So you should know exactly what to say and do from the onset.

You should prepare for the unexpected and know that there is a possibility of rejection.

Timing is everything. Choosing the right time to express your feelings to him can make a big difference. It can determine whether you are accepted or rejected.

So it is most appropriate to let him know when you are both in a relaxed frame of mind.

Speak with confidence and let him know you need him. It is also crucial that you let him know how meaningful and valuable you will be in his life.

Show him, not just tell him you care. As we all know, action speaks louder than words. Also, give him time.

Don’t be afraid and hope for the best. If it is meant to be, then it will happen. As they say, what is yours will never pass you by.

How do you tell if a Cancer man also has feelings for you?

A Cancer man will put a smile on your face when he has feelings for you. He unleashes the goofy part of you just to make you smile.

He will help you solve some of your problems just to make sure you are less worried.

This man will help improve your confidence even if his isn’t very high. He will send you long messages about how amazing you are and how successful you will become.

A Cancer man who is interested in you will create time for you just to make sure you are happy. All this man wants when he has feelings for you is to see you happy.

He will show jealousy when he sees you with other guys. Cancer men battle with insecurities. It might show on his face that he is jealous.

This man will show you to his friends and family. He wants them to know the person who makes him happy and full of life again.

Cancer men like women who express their feelings to them?

Cancer men are shy and reserved. So it might be difficult for them to make the first move. But when a woman tells him how she feels about him, he usually appreciates it. 

He will be super elated if the feelings are mutual. So yes, this man likes women who tell him how they feel.

Most men appreciate it when the women they love tell them how they feel. It gives them that needed reassurance. He may be more likely to go the extra mile if he receives this reassurance.

What will a Cancer man say after telling him how I feel?

After you tell a Cancer man how you feel, if he feels the same way about you, he will be elated. 

He will quickly ask you guys to be in a relationship. But if the feeling is not mutual, he might ask you to give him time to think through his decision.

Understanding how this Cancer man treats you while you are his friend is imperative. It will help you know if he has feelings for you too.

If he does, he won’t waste time making you guys official and beginning a new phase together.

How to handle rejection after telling a Cancer man how you feel

Rejection from anyone hurts, but it hurts more when you have feelings for the person. So when a Cancer man rejects you after revealing your feelings, you need to stand up and hold your head high.

You don’t have to let him know he hurt you, and you can just laugh it off and pass it off as a joke to avoid awkwardness.

After a ‘no’ from a Cancer man, it is wise to act maturely. Also, don’t let anger and shame spoil whatever bond you both share.

When a Cancer man notices that you have reacted calmly after he said no, he might reconsider his decision. He might come back kneeling for your ‘yes.’

How to make a Cancer man love you

When dealing with a Cancer man, you have to realize they are different, and as such, you need to treat him in that way.

To make him love you, you have to be patient and not rush things with him or try to force things. They need to know you to let their guard down.

You need to be his biggest cheerleader when you want him to fall in love with you. When he knows he can count on you, he falls in love with you.

Be gentle with him, ensure he is comfortable with you, and that he needs to know that his emotions are safe with you. Ensure he knows that he is a priority.

It would help if you were understanding. You can’t get upset when he is jealous. But if jealousy is toxic, then you can flee. You have to understand that these men need constant reassurance.

How to become friends with a Cancer man

There is a new Cancer guy in your life, and you want to know how to make friends with him. Don’t be shy around him. With time, he will open up to you.

You also have to listen to him more. If you tell him things that he revealed to you during a conversation, he will likely become committed.

To make friends with such men, you have to be independent. They like women that can stand alone and also do well in partnerships.

Cancer men like friends that are dependable. They sometimes seek friends who are considerate.

Learn to show him that you can help out in some areas where he is lacking. You might build a strong partnership with a Cancer man this way.

Wrapping up

Telling a man how you feel takes a lot of courage, but with shy Cancer men, you need to be extra careful.

Pouring your heart out to a Cancer man could be the most rewarding relationship decision you’ve ever made. It might even be the most fulfilling relationship you have ever had.

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