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22 Clear Reasons They Keep Texting Every Day & Just friends

22 Clear Reasons They Keep Texting Every Day & Just friends

Texting a guy can be fun, but texting every day but just friends? When it comes from a guy that you are only friends with it can lead you to a bit of confusion especially if they do it every day. Like, why is he texting every day if we are just friends? You can go directly to ask him this, but that might come off as being rude, I guess that’s why you are here.

So back to your question, why is he texting me? A guy who you are only friends with could be texting you every day because he sees you as more than a friend. He is attached to you, friend-zoned you, he is using you to kill boredom, etc.

Although I won’t be able to pinpoint why that particular male friend is texting every day, I am going to list and explain 22 clear reasons why guys do text a girl they are friends with, every day.


22 clear reasons they keep texting every day & just friends

1. Just flirting 

This depends on the kind of text you are receiving from him. If he decides to just be friends with you, but he usually sends you flirty texts and has not made any further moves, it might be that he is just flirting with you, simply for fun.

2. He has feelings 

A guy can decide to be friends with you, but that does not mean he doesn’t like you or has feelings for you. Maybe he is not ready for a relationship, the fact he has feelings for you would always make him want to text you.

3. Bored 

If you are asking yourself the question; “why is he texting everyday if we are just friends,” well, he might just be doing it out of boredom. Yes, believe me, boredom can make us do a lot of things. People can start conversations just to pass time and he might be doing that.

4. Wants you to himself

This is like being clingy, but it’s a controlling trait. Some guys want you to always talk to them, not necessarily because they have feelings for you, but because they don’t want you to talk to anyone else. So, if you are trying to find out why he is texting you every day, it might be because of this. You can try to see if he has other controlling traits.

5. Lonely 

Just like boredom, being lonely can make us do a lot of things we wouldn’t do on a normal day. So if you are asking yourself why he is texting everyday if we are just friends, then this might be the answer. A guy can just be lonely but he does not want to date you so he will be texting you to curb his loneliness.

6. He wants to have sex with you 

The simple answer to your question: why is he texting me everyday if we are just friends, could be that he is a player. But you can know this by the kind of text he is sending you. He might claim he loves you, but all he wants is for you to come over. He keeps sending all sorts of flirting texts.

So, sleeping with you might just be the reason for his frequent chat.

7. Attracted to you 

Maybe he is just attracted to you. He finds it pleasant to text you, so he keeps doing it.

8. Does not know what he wants

He may just be confused, maybe not your kind of confused, but in a way that he does not even know if he wants you to be more than a friend or not. He has the desire to always talk to you, but he has not been able to define his attraction toward you.

9. Using you as a bridge 

People usually do this after a breakup, when they don’t want to feel that loneliness, and hurt that comes with breaking up. They would keep intensely contacting you, which might make you think they are in love. Well, they are just using you as a shield; so as not to feel the pain, till they find someone else to replace their ex.

10. Just broke up and he needs a companion 

Unlike the previous reason, he is not necessarily using you as a bridge here, he might just be using you as a companion, so as not to feel the pain of breaking up. Soon he might stop texting you if this is the reason.

11. You are his plan B

If you are wondering why he is texting everyday when you are Only friends. Have you thought of the possibility of you just being a plan B to him? Maybe he is dating someone, or already has someone he is looking to have a relationship with. He might just be texting you, to keep his options open.

12. The chatty type 

Some guys just enjoy texting. They may not be texting just you, but everyone in their contacts. So, if he is that type, that might be the reason, he is texting you frequently. To him, he feels texting is the best way to reach out.

13. It’s just an ego boost 

He might just be texting you because he wants his friends to know he is talking to someone as beautiful as you. He is doing that to boost his ego; to make himself feel cool around his friends. Guys do this a lot, he might even go as far as showing your chat to his friends.

14. Finds you interesting 

When we find people interesting to be with and talk with we would want to be with them all the time. So just be the reason he is all over you.

15. Enjoys texting you

Not everyone is good at texting. Maybe you are one of those people that can text very well. This is what draws him to you; he always wants to text you because he enjoys it.

16. He is unstable 

If you are wondering why he is texting you every day if you are Only friends, have you checked if he is sane? Maybe he is just a crazy dude. He might just be a stalker or a psychopath, who would randomly text you every day for no reason. If he is sending you senseless and unmeaningful texts, then this might be true about him.

17. Playing mind games 

Some guys do this, maybe just as a test. He might tell you he does not want a relationship with you but keeps texting you, to see if maybe you would make the first move, or give him a green flag.

18. Trying to take things slow

Not everyone likes jumping into relationships. Some people like things slow. So, he might have told you he wanted to be only friends but kept texting you because he does not want to rush things, trying to take things slow. He might ask you out soon.

19. Enjoying the chase 

You might just be someone that he wants to play around. He will just text and act like he wants something, but he is never going to ask for something serious. Maybe he is doing it just for fun or wants to sleep with you. But he wants nothing serious.

20. He likes you as a friend 

He might just like you as a friend, that’s the reason he might be texting you and nothing more.

21. Clingy 

A clingy guy might get so attached to you, that he can’t spend a day without talking to or texting you.

22. Friend-zoned you

If you are only friends, but he keeps texting you, the fact that you like him makes you start to ask yourself, why is he texting me every day if we are Only friends?  The reason might just be that he has friend-zoned you. He sees you like a bro. So the chance of anything happening between you two is slim.

Signs they just want to be friends

1.  Not flirting with you

This is one thing that shows he just wants to be friends and nothing more. He sends you flirty texts and makes flirty remarks.

2. He is not making any move 

There is no move to try to sleep with you or even date you. You have not seen any sign, that he is sexually, or romantically attracted to you.

3. Talks about the woman he loves 

He tells you about the type of girl he would like to date. Maybe there is a girl he already likes, he will ask you for tips on how to get her.

4. Treats you like a bro 

This is another obvious sign he just wants to be friends. He treats you like he would treat his male best friend. He tells you everything and even talks to you like he is talking to a guy. 

5.  Interested in your friends 

Is he telling you that he likes your friend and asking for your help to get them? Then he sees you just as a friend.

What does it mean when they text you every day?

When a guy is texting you every day, it might be that he likes you, interested in you, or just using you to pass time. But the only way you can know this is to watch out for signs or go directly to ask him.

What to do when you want something more

1. Text them every time 

When you are texting every time it helps you send a signal to them that you want something more, even when you have not said anything like that yet.

2. Flirt with them 

Flirting is a way to tell someone that you want them more. You can use a flirting text or do it physically. 

3. Tell them about it

Do you want something more? tell them about it. I think that’s the most effective way to let them know. 

4. Take them on dates 

Taking someone on a date frequently, it’s a way of letting them know you are interested in them.

5. Compliment them 

This is another nice way you can tell someone you want them more; Using sweet compliments. Always say something nice about their looks, their dress, or something cool they did.

Is it normal to text someone every day?

If both of you feel the same way and are comfortable about it, then it’s okay to text every day. Normally, if you are friends, it’s not okay to text them every day, it could send the wrong signal to the person.

10 signs they want something more than only friendship

1. Flirt with you

If he leans close to you, while you walk, sends you flirty texts, and makes eye contact, then that’s a sign he wants to be more than just a friend.

2.  They tell you 

If he tells you he wants more, then surely he does. When a guy tells you this and backs it up with actions, then he meant what he said.

3. Always want to talk to you

They will always contact you, be the first to text you, and reply to you so fast. Even when they are busy they will create time to text or call you.

4. To go on dates 

Texting everyday just friends - Dating

Dates are one way to know they see you as more than just a friend. They are going to take you on romantic dates, that will show they have feelings for you

5. Send you thoughtful gifts 

They send your gifts. They know the kind of gifts you would like because they pay attention. And when they give you something, it always looks like the perfect one.

6. Keeps his promise 

If he tells you he is going to do things for you, and he does them without you reminding him, then you must be special to him. A guy can keep his promise if you are friends, but when he does it frequently, then you know he likes you more than a friend.

7. He wants to know you more 

They will ask you tons of questions about your life. They want to know everything about you. They will ask you how your day was, and what your next move is. They will support you through it if the need arises.

8. You met their friends and family 

Have you met everyone in his life? Then that guy sees you as more than just his friends. Most times guys would only introduce you to their family when they have something special towards you.

9. Make you laugh 

They see making you laugh as their obligation. Even if it’s not the funny type, he is going to try to say funny things to see you smile, to keep the conversation going and interesting.

10. Overly nice to you

If they are always offering to do things for you without you asking them, then they want something more. If the guy sees you as just a friend, he would treat you like a brother. But if he treats you like a Princess, then he sees you as more than just a friend.

Does texting every day equate to being clingy?

It depends on who you are texting. If you are texting someone who does not feel the same way as you, you are going to come off as clingy to them. But if you are texting someone that is attracted to you every day, it is not clingy.

If you are in a relationship with someone you are supposed to hear from them every day. Don’t get me wrong, not every minute of the day. But at least, you should reach out to each other, every day. If this is what you meant, then it’s not being clingy.

But if you text someone every minute of the day, then that might be clinginess or obsession.

How often should you text your female friend?

Depends on how close you are. If you are close friends, maybe a few times a week should be okay. If they are someone you like, you can text them more times a week, but not every day.

Women like it when you make them miss you and also give them attention.  If you are always texting they won’t have any time to miss you. But if you and your female friend are okay with texting every day, then you can go ahead with it.

Would someone text you if they were not interested in you?

Yes, they might text you even if they are not interested. But you should be able to tell from their texting if they are interested or not. If they reply fast and don’t mind texting first, then it’s a sign that they are interested. If they do the opposite, they are either not interested or are playing hard to get.

How to stop texting someone everyday politely?

1. Get a distraction 

Do something that takes your mind off them. Whether it’s going out with friends, going on an adventure, working out, or working yourself, this will help you not miss them as you do.

Even when you do, you would be able to resist the urge to text them, when you keep yourself busy.

2. Write it down 

Instead of sending them the text, write it to yourself on your phone or a piece of paper. This will help you get it out of your head. Or if you need them so much, go through your chats with them or their pictures, this will help ease the feeling of wanting to talk to them.

Yes, you can do it without texting them, but by doing this they won’t find out because you won’t be texting them all day.

To wrap things up, texting is an easy and quick way, we can reach our spouses, friends, family, and even coworkers. So guys can text you every day for multiple reasons.

Well,  I hope this article has helped you with insight into why that guy might be texting you all day if you are Only friends. If you want to know for sure, you can look for a polite way to ask him, and if you are not comfortable with his texting every day, you have every right to politely tell them to stop.

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