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30 Sweet Things to Say After Sex

30 Sweet Things to Say After Sex

When you are so aroused; you tell your partner all kinds of sweet words because you are so aroused and this can even make you say things you can’t even remember. Immediately after sex, you are back to your normal state. Everything can also become awkward because you don’t even know what to say after sex. 

Knowing what to say after sex, can make your romance even more interesting and help curb those awkward moments. After sex, you can tell your partner how sweet you think they are or how much you loved them. You can tell your partner you want to have sex with them forever. You can tell him that you are obsessed with him. Telling your partner this will help you start a conversation that will create an intimate moment between you two.

Here are 30 things you can sex after sex to your partner or friend with benefit.

30 Things To Say After Sex

1.  I wish we can do this forever: 

When you say this, it makes your partner know that you must have enjoyed every bit of the sex, for you to want it to last forever. 

2. I don’t know why we waited so long to do this:

If it took you and your partner a little while to have sex, this will be a good thing to say after sex.

3. I was so right about you:

Saying this makes them know you enjoyed the sex. That you were right in choosing them as your partner and you were right they were going to be the best.

4. I am so obsessed with you:

This means that you had a good time and now you can’t wait to do it again. 

 5.   I love you:

After wonderful sex, telling your partner you love them will help them feel more satisfied and it will stir up the romance between you two.

6. I miss you already:

This will let your partner know how much you miss them. So whenever you are not together, he knows you must be missing having sex with him and that’s a good feeling.

7. “Wow”

You can say this to make it feel like you are short of words to describe how good your partner made you feel. They might ask what and you will start to tell them what a good time you had.

8. Your skills are so amazing:

You can say this to make them know you appreciate their wonderful bed skills.

9. You satisfy me so well:

Tell them that you are so satisfied, this gives your partner the urge to do more to satisfy you.

10. You just made my day:

This will make them feel so special. Because they know they make you feel so good that you forgot you had a bad day.

11. I am so lucky to have you:

This lets your partner know you value them so much.

12. Thank you:

This is simple and short but it’s romantic. It’s your way of appreciating your partner for making you feel so good.

13. I don’t know how I am going to focus at work knowing what I have at home waiting for me:

Partners like to know that even if you are already married and have been having sex for a while now, you still considered them hot and irresistible. So when you tell them this it’s going to make them feel good.

14. I love the things you do to me:

After the sex, you can let your partner know that you like every episode of it, and everything he did during the sex.

15. I love what you with your tongue:

If he gave you ahead you can let him know you enjoyed it by telling him this. This is going to give him the confidence to give you a better experience.

16. Where did you learn that from?

If it’s been a while, you guys have the sex you can say this to reduce that awkwardness after sex. Your partner is going to wonder what you mean by that then you guys can start a very funny and romantic conversation that way.

17. Keep holding me like this:

It depends on the position the sex ended. If it is a position where you are laying on top of each other, you can tell your partner to keep holding you like this will make them know how much you enjoy their body.

18. I have never been with someone as amazing as you:

Saying this will let them know they are the best you have ever had.

19. How did I do? 

Well, if you and your partner are trying to build a better sex life, you can ask them how you did. You guys can talk about it and decide to go for another round to make corrections.

20. You have gorgeous eyes I can look into them forever: 

If the sex ended with a position like the missionary, while you guys are locking eyes, you can tell them how cute their eyes are. This will make you both feel so good.

21. I really needed this today: 

If you already had a bad day and they knew about it, you can let them know the sex was all you needed to feel better. It feels good to know you can take your partners out of bad moods.

22. You know what’s makes me go wild:

You can tell this to let them know they know how to drive you crazy.

23. I am glad you asked me to come over:

This is another way to let your spouse know you had a great time.

24. You know how to satisfy me so well:

It is a thing of joy when partners can satisfy each other very well. So when you tell your partner this he is going to make them happy.

26. I am chaining you to this bed for the rest of my life:

This is a very sweet way to make you after sex very romantic. You tell them that you felt like you can tie them to the bed and have sex with them for the rest of your life. This is so naughty and can give you another round of naughty sex.

27. I loved it when you come on top: 

When a man tells a woman this, she knows she does well when she is on top. That will help her boost her confidence to come on top next time.

28. Making me get off is the best feeling ever: 

You have to let your partner know that nothing feels better than when they make you ‘cum.’

29. I wish every day could end this way:

This will make your partner know that you want them every day. You must have really enjoyed the sex to want it to happen and the end of every day of your life.

30. Your ‘cock’ is so perfect:

Guys are always wondering if they are the perfect size for their girl and if they make her feel good inside. So when you say this he is going to know he has the perfect size for you and doesn’t have to worry if he is too small or not.

How to appreciate your partner after making love

The best way to appreciate your partner after making love is to let them know they did so well. You have to tell your partner how good they made you feel, how you were so happy you got someone as good as them, how you want to do this for the rest of your life, and how you can’t resist them. This will make your partner feel that you appreciate all their efforts and will even try to work more on themselves, to give you the best sex time ever.

Don’t ever try to correct something they did after making love with them. That will even increase the awkwardness after sex. Don’t say things like you should have gone harder, you went too slow which will destroy their confidence. The best time to correct your partners is while the sex is ongoing you can say things like ‘baby go harder’ baby, I want head’ etc.


Words are very important after sex. It helps to build up intimacy, boost up your partner’s confidence, and aroused them for more sex with you. But if you use the wrong word, it can completely ruin the spark between you two.

Now that you know the right things to say, you should no longer have awkward moments after sex again. Know when to use them and don’t be shy to let your sexual partner know how you feel.

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