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How to Get Someone to Stop Texting You (15 sure ways)

How to Get Someone to Stop Texting You (15 sure ways)

Texting can be fun when it is with someone you fancy. Texts can be annoying when they come from unknown sources or from someone who is desperately obsessed with you sending you rubbish, threatening, or spam messages. Are you in such a situation and wondering how to get that person to stop texting you, worry no more. Below, we will talk about some effective ways to stop people to stop texting you. 

How can I stop someone from texting?

Wondering how to get someone to stop texting you and nip that discomfort in the bud? Here are some major ways to do that: 

1. Confront them:

If you know them personally, you should make it clear to them that you don’t like the idea of them texting you all the time because it embarrasses you. This can help them stop texting you if the fellow is reasonable enough.

2. Ignore:

If it is something you can overlook, try to turn a blind eye which might send the sender a signal that you are not interested and make them stop. If they see that you don’t text back or even act like you saw their text, it might make them stop texting.

3. Block Them:

When someone keeps contacting you even after you have told them to stop, the best thing to do is block them. Even if they write you with another number, you can also block that too if you find out.

4. Getting a blocking app:

Some apps are arranged to block calls and text even if these people are messaging you with different numbers. You can get a blocking app from your App Store apps like True caller, Text blocker, etc. They are available on IOS and android devices and help to block all calls and text from unknown numbers and they can also help you identify numbers not in your contacts list. This way, they won’t be able to contact you again.

5. Get the authorities involved:

If they keep writing you a series of messages including threatening ones, it’s time you get the law enforcement involved. If this is coming from someone you know, you can get the cops to arrest them. But if you don’t know them and are texting with unknown numbers, the cops can help you identify these phone numbers with higher technology and get them arrested. The promise of jail term would deter the majority of these creeps and the ones that want to take it a step further have an inner yearning for a jail life.

6.  Seek Help:

If you have a persistent texter, you can try to seek help from your family friends, or loved ones so they can help suggest ways to stop receiving annoying texts. They can help you confront the texter in a better way if you think you are not the type that can talk to someone straight about something. A friend or family can help you text back or give them a call to stop texting and tell them they won’t like what might happen next if they keep sending you unsolicited messages. 

7. Give them a taste of their own medicine: 

You can make a persistent texter stop by becoming one yourself. This might sound funny but it can scare them away. When they keep sending unsolicited messages and refuse to stop even after you ask them to, you can start sending them messages too. You can get your friends to get involved in this. This can help your texters realize how they make you feel, especially if all your friends start texting and calling them they might back out. 

8. Be honest:

You need to be honest with your friends who send you unsolicited messages. By telling them calmly to stop, they’ll know you honestly do not want to see those types of messages and will have no option but to stop. If you keep padding up these messages just because they are your friends, you might just end up being dishonest to yourself and your friends.

9. Use message failed trick:

You can use the service error message or message failed trick to stop someone to stop texting you. Whenever they message you, you can reply with SMS: SERVICE ERROR 305: Message delivery failed. This might make them stop texting you because what’s the point of texting someone if it’s not going through and they are being charged for nothing.

10. Pretend you lost your phone:

Another thing you can do to get someone to stop texting you is to pretend as if your phone is missing and in the custody of someone else. “I found this phone somewhere and I can’t get to the owner of the phone.” This sort of message might discourage them from texting since they think you lost your device. 

11. Change your number:

This might seem too extreme but sometimes it can be the perfect solution. If someone keeps texting you and refuses to stop, one of the best things to do is change your number and this time, take note of people you give your new number to.

12. Try to scare him away: 

You can try to use a threat to stop someone from texting you. You have to make it sound as real as possible you can tell him/her that you are friends with the FBI or the military and they can track the texter than if they don’t stop sending unsolicited messages if you sound so real this could scare them away. 

13.  Be Boring and Mean:

If they are sending you messages on social media platforms, the best thing to make them stop texting is by replying boringly. If a chat is not interesting, they might start to lose interest in you and stop chatting you up.

14.  Delay your response:

Every normal person will back out if they are chatting someone up and a reply comes so late. This method works most times if they are texting you on socials. You can reply to their messages so late that it annoys them and when you do reply, don’t even drop any excuse why you replied so late, this will get them tired of texting you.

15. Boy bye bot: 

You can tell them you don’t use that other number often and give them a new one which you are supposed to always use but this time, give them your Boy Bye Bot number. Unfortunately, this is only currently only available to users in the US, introduced by Jonah and Chelsea back in 2002. This chatbot helps you send creepy and aggressive to guys that are creeping you out with their messages. When you give them your Bye Bot number, whenever they text, they get replies from the chat box which might be funny and aggressive and even confuse them. The Bot number easily can do a great job of getting them to stop texting you.

Is it harassment if someone won’t stop texting me?

Yes, if someone keeps sending you unsolicited messages, it can count as harassment, especially when they contain threats and x-rated photos or when they are coming in a Bot like manner. You can take a screenshot of this text and show it to the appropriate authority which can get the texter arrested for harassment or even lead them to serve jail time.


The above tips can help you get someone to stop texting you. But as they say, “prevention is better than cure”. Unsolicited messages are something you can avoid by not giving your number to people. Try to be careful who you give your numbers to. You can have another number which you give to people you just met and after some time if they appear sensible, you can give them your main number. This can help you avoid the stress of receiving unsolicited messages. 

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