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How to Completely Unlove Someone: 15 Sure Ways 

How to Completely Unlove Someone: 15 Sure Ways 

Falling in love is still one of the best feelings ever. But sometimes, you love people and they don’t love you back or can stop loving you along the way. This will make you learn how to unlove someone like that even if you don’t want to. This also can be scary and sure going to hurt, but at that particular time of your life, it’s going to be the best decision to make. 

When you are in love with someone and they reject you, or when they suddenly just stop loving you, it can lead to hurting and kill your faith in love. It can leave pains in your heart that will take years to heal. The best thing for you to do is to try to move on, cut all contact with them, accept that it is over, and know that if they stop loving you, it’s their loss and not yours. This can help you regain your self-worth and find love again.

Are you looking for ways to unlove someone that used to mean so much to you? Below are sure ways you can do that.

Sure ways to unlove someone

1. Accept it is over:

You have to accept it is over before you can unlove someone. If you are still having hopes that he is going to come back begging or that you guys can still fix things, it’s going to be hard for you to move on. You have to burn the bridge, to effectively move on. That way, you are going to cut every possible way of hoping to fix things with him.

2. Focus on yourself:

You have to start doing things that make you feel better. Work to be a better version of yourself. If you stay there feeling hurt and depressed about the situation, it’s going to keep ruining your days. Look for things you like and work on getting better at them.

3. Give yourself time:

You have to realize it’s going to take time for you to get over him/her. Unloving someone takes a process. So you have to be patient with yourself. Even if you are doing everything but it seems to be taking time, you have to be patient with yourself.

4. Do away with everything that reminds you of them:

You have to discard everything that reminds you of them. You can take them away or give them to someone you know you don’t see often. If you decide to keep them around it’s going to make you miss them. Could be the T-shirt he gave you or the necklace, discard d everything.

5. Cut all contacts:

Well, this is one of the hardest things to do. Someone you used to hear from every day and you have to try to stop talking to them. But you should cut off all forms of communication with them. You can do it gradually. As for me, when I am trying to unlove someone, I can decide to gradually withdraw from them. If I used to text them every day, I would reduce it to fewer times in the week. And after a short time, I am already staying without contacting them. Give it a try and it might also work for you.

6. Think about how badly they treated you:

Another way you can unlove someone is by carefully analyzing how badly they treated you. This can make you develop a kind of hate for them, but it will make you unlove them very fast. When you think of how bad they treated you, you would realize you deserve better and start to get over them.

7. Make new friends:

News friends come with new vibes. When you make new friends, as you get to know them, you don’t have the time to start to think about your ex because you are talking with someone interesting.

8. Get away from it all:

This is extreme but if it requires it, you have to do it to keep your peace. If he stays close to you and the fact that you are always seeing him is making it hard for you to move on, you can change your location to somewhere you don’t have to see him again. If it’s on social media, you can also unfriend him too. If you are looking for a way to unlove someone, this is one effective way.

9. Don’t focus on the situation: 

When you focus on the situation, it will hold you back. Try to do anything that gets your mind off the whole situation. This will help you free your mind and you won’t know when you are completely free.

10. Speak to someone:

Talking to someone can also help you move on. You might share with a friend and they might have had a similar situation and we help you with tips to get over the whole issue.

11. Look for a distraction:

Look for things that will help you distract yourself from the situation. Time out with the girls, reading or your favorite hobby can be a good distraction for you.

13. Work on yourself:

If you are looking for ways to unlove someone, working on yourself can be an effective way. You have to look for reasons why they must have rejected you or look for things that you are not doing right and try to correct that part of you. While you are doing this, you will be moving on.

14. Try to find someone new:

A rebound relationship might not be a good idea, but you can do it if you know you can stick to only casual dating. If you get too dedicated you might end up hurting your rebound partner. They might just be a way for you to move on, but you might become someone serious to them, and when they are aware that it is just a rebound, it might hurt them. Rebound relationships can help you move on but you have to look at all the downsides.

15. Get professional help:

When it’s becoming so hard to move on, you can get professional help as a therapist. Therapists are there to help you with relationship issues, don’t be shy to approach one.

16. Keep your family and friends close:

Keeping your family close can help. These are people that can’t stop loving you. So their words and you knowing that they cherish you will make you feel loved again and forget the fact that you were hurt.

17. Spot out the problems:

What was the problem in the relationship? If you can spot them out and see that it was from you, you can work on them in case you want to get into another relationship. If it was from them you can start seeing that as a red flag in case you are getting into a new relationship.

18. Work on your looks:

Working on your looks can give you something to keep yourself busy. Do it for you. Don’t do it because you are trying to make them miss you. Do it because you attract someone better.

How long does it take to unlove someone?

There is no specific time to unlove someone. It depends on you and the situation behind everything. It can take days, months, years, or even forever. Sometimes you think you are over them, then a little thing triggers you back to missing them again.  You will never totally get over someone you love, but if you focus on that, it will make you even hurt more when you try to move on. It will gradually heal and you will not feel the pain again.

Can you fall out of love?

You can fall out of love. People change over time. Our likes and interests change. You can think the person is who you want for the rest of your life, but when they start to change, you start to see a reason to fall out of love with them. You can also fall out of love when you realize the person you thought you are in love with is not the one for you. When we fall in love, we think that person is all we want. Along the way, we can meet someone that helps satisfy our romantic desires more and we start to fall out of love with our former lover.

How to stop loving someone but stay as friends

1. Stay away from them for a while:

One way you can stop loving someone is to stay away from them for a while. Try to cut communications and live your life. When next you see them, you will see that you can still talk with them and might not feel anything for them again.

2. Don’t hold grudges:

Forgiveness is one way to let go of the hurt, unlove someone and also be their friend. If you are holding back on what they did to you, it’s going to make you hate them even when you have moved on.

3. Get someone new:

You have to try to get someone that treats you even better. This way, you can unlove them and be their friend because you will be happy they left in the first place; if they didn’t, you wouldn’t have found someone better.

4. Understand that even if the relationship is over, they are not your enemies:

This is one thing you have to put at the back of your mind when you are trying to get over them. You have to realize that even if it did not end well, they are still your friends. So if you try to cut communications when you see them on the way, you can say hi and not act like they are now your enemies.

How to stop loving someone you see every day

1. Practice mental discipline:

This will help you teach yourself to stop loving them even if you have to see them every day. Do things that help you meditate or distract you from thinking about him. This will help you move on.

2. Don’t show emotions to him:

Even if you know you still miss them, you don’t have to let them know. When you see them, you can act like you are so cool with them. Let him see that you are happy without him. This will help you fight the pain and the fear of having to see him every day. So when you see him again, it won’t be a big deal.

3. Accept that it hurts and it’s over:

You can get over people when you don’t accept to. You have to accept that it hurts and that it’s over.

4. Don’t join discussions about them:

It’s harder to get over someone when you are always talking about them. If your friends are discussing him try to avoid joining or simply just leave.

5.  Try to minimize how much you see:

If you are always meeting you have to look for a way to minimize that. Try to avoid places you can run into them till you are sure you can face them again.

6. Get someone better:

When you can find someone better, it will be very easy for you to stop loving them even if you are seeing them every day.

7. Keep things professional:

When you see them keep the interaction simple and plain. Don’t make it sound like you are angry but keep it as short as possible. If you work in the same place, the only thing you should talk about should be things that concern the office.

8. Get professional help:

You can look for a therapist, who can help you with the best solution to get over someone you see every day.

9. Always remember how they hurt you:

Whenever you meet and think you are missing them, just remember how much they hurt you. It will help you get over them.

How to unlove someone you live with

Maybe you have to keep leaving with your ex. You might just be there because of the kids or you don’t have a place to go at the moment. The best thing to do is try to let yourself know that it is over between you two. That’s the best way to get over any person when you accept it is over, you will not be holding back.

If seeing them is making you love them, you can think of how badly they treated you. This can get your mind off anything you feel for them at the moment. You can also try to meet new people online just as a distraction from the person you are living with.

Can you ever stop loving someone?

It is possible to stop loving someone. You might think it is not, but with time, if you let yourself, you are going to see that the love you have for them is gradually dying. 

Sometimes, you can start feeling something for them if it’s triggered because if you once loved someone, except your respect for them was destroyed, there are tendencies your feelings for them will not die. It will just be suppressed by better love that you found if properly triggered it might surface again but if not it is going to be forever buried.

Why ‘letting go’ is hard

Letting go is hard because when you love someone, you share a lot of yourself with them. They become parts of your life and reasons for your happiness. When things go bad, you need to look forward and leave all the times you guys had behind even though this takes a lot of time

Final Notes:

When you agree to stop loving someone, you have to realize that it’s a good thing because you are setting yourself free from someone that no longer wants you. 

Getting over someone you once loved is not easy. But accepting that it is over and focusing on yourself and moving on, will help you. It might feel like your whole world is crushing at the moment. You have to know that it did not work out because it was not meant to be and you should be happy that it is giving way for the right person to find you.

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