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20 Tips And Ways To Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text

20 Tips And Ways To Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text

At one juncture in life, we all had that crush on somebody. Finding ways to tell your crush you like them over text can help you build a bond that will last for eternity. To do this, avoid abbreviations, keep it simple, be careful, and be bold.

The ‘crushing’ feeling often develops into full-fledged love, or the crush dies a natural death. But the most common problem many of us have is being too scared to tell our crush how we feel. 

20 Tips And Ways To Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text

1. Avoid abbreviations:  

When you use proper grammar to communicate your feelings to who you truly desire, he will find it very attractive and easier to understand what you are saying. Also, your crush might not understand these abbreviations.

2. Make sure he is paying attention: 

You don’t want to make the mistake of sending them the text when they might be busy or in the middle of something. Ensure they are focused on the conversation. So, start the text with a random back-and-forth topic before spiling your feelings to ensure that he is focused.

3. Before you leap, look:

When you are trying to send texts about how you feel to that buddy you fancy, ensure you are sending the message to the right person. So, before you send the text, double-check to ensure you are sending it to the correct number.

4. Keep it simple : 

When trying to text your crush about how you feel, keep it simple and short, don’t try to give him a long and unnecessary story; just go straight to the point.

5. Try to keep your plan B dusted:  

Just in case you get rejected, or he doesn’t feel the same way about you, use the backup plan as an excuse.

6. Don’t be scared: 

Summon intrepidity; before texting your crush, don’t be scared of rejection. Just prepare your mind for whatever outcome possible.

7. Don’t blurt it out: 

Don’t just rush into telling him, don’t apply pressure, lead into it and tell him you have something to discuss with him. Don’t pressure them, and let him regain himself from the shock when you tell him.

8. Think it through: 

Before you text it to him, ensure you have thought about it before sending it. Think before you send the text if you want something more than a crush.

9. Prepare for anything: 

If you must text him, ensure you have prepared yourself for a possible rejection because your crush might not feel the same way.

10. Be clear: 

When texting your crush, ensure you are as straightforward as possible, do not cut corners, just come out and write what you want to tell him.

11. Don’t let it sink too deep: 

Meditating about it greatly might make you lose your nerve, don’t plan, just do it spontaneously, don’t overthink it; just type what you feel.   

12. Text just once:  

If your crush doesn’t reply immediately, you don’t have to keep disturbing him. He may be busy so just let him be so as not to give an appearance of desperation to your crush.

13. Adopt a playful vibe:

During the moment of texting your crush, keep the tone playful and light. You don’t have to sound too serious or desperate.

14. Have friends around: 

If you sense that you might chicken out, you can just do it when you are surrounded by your friends so that they can give you courage.

15. Don’t tell him you love him: 

When you are texting him, don’t speak about love. Just tell him you have a crush on him; talking about love might sound like you are pushy.

16. Don’t reveal it all: 

The mistake you can make is to tell him everything he wants to know immediately. So you can keep some things to yourself.

17. Give the buddy space: 

When you tell your crush how you feel, don’t bug him. Allow him the space to reject even when you tell him over text. Don’t sound like you are forcing him.

18. Avoid games:  

You need to act mature when texting your crush, try and avoid childish games, and don’t insult them or try to joke over your feelings.

19. Crawl in slowly:

Instead of babbling out your feelings to your crush, try to build up the anticipation. You can lessen the surprise about springing on him when you start slowly.

20. Flirting: 

Try flirting with your crush over text before you blurt out your feelings for him.

Is Telling Your Crush You Like Him Over Text An Awful Idea?

Telling your crush how you feel through text might be a terrible idea and not necessarily bad. People text daily. Texting is now an easy way to communicate your feelings and talk to people nowadays, and also it is more convenient.

For some folks, text messages might not pass the same message that a face-to-face arrangement will. Many people prefer a face-to-face conversation, but in our present times, where everyone is busy with something, a text can also go a long way. Technology has mitigated and solved the problem of always meeting face-to-face as people can now video call.

These ways to tell your crush you like them over text will help you convey your inner feeling to someone that probably has been dying to know what you feel about him.

How Do I Know My Crush Likes Me Over Text?

Knowing if your crush likes you over text can be difficult because you do not see them face to face. You can’t read their body language, but believe me, there are actions you can look out for when texting your crush to know if they like you or not. 

You can check how quickly your crush replies to your text. If he drops everything he’s doing when he sees your text, it means he likes you. When your crush uses pet names or nicknames for you while chatting, he likes you back. He is always complimenting you guys are chatting. He constantly engages your text. He does not leave you to do all the texting, and he does not give you one-word replies to your text.

He does not leave you hanging and waiting for their response when he likes you. He lets you know when he is busy and cannot chat with you.

Funny Ways To Tell Your Crush You Like Him

You can easily tell your crush you like him in a funny way by using cheesy pickup lines. You can be goofy and playful at the same time. You can send him funny memes that talk about feelings. You can also create cute and funny songs to convey your feelings to him. 

Drawing funny and cute pictures is also a good way of letting know how you feel while trying to be funny. Snap a goofy picture of yourself and send it to him with funny, emotional captions.

What If My Crush Doesn’t Mean What He Says Through Text.

If your crush doesn’t mean what he said through text, the best thing to do when you find out is to let go. You can’t force yourself on someone who doesn’t want you.

How Do I Find Out My Crush Means The Sweet Messages He Sent Through Text.

You usually can’t tell if he means it, but you have to accept what he says and trust that he won’t hurt you. Also, you can check how he behaves, how fast he replies, and his general behavior when texting.

Is It Right To Tell A Guy You Like Him?

In this modern age and day, women are no longer scared to tell men how they feel. The worst that would happen is that they will get rejected, which can be very embarrassing and painful. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with telling a man you like him. It proves that you are strong, independent, and not scared to express yourself and your feelings. Do not lose your crush over inability to find ways to tell your crush you like them over text.


When you have a crush and later looking for ways to tell your crush you like them over text, there are various ways to successfully do that. The best thing you do is to go with your instincts, follow your heart and let him know how you feel, but if you are scared and confused and don’t know how to go about it, I hope these tips help you. 

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