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What Boys Want (25 Things Boys Find Appealing In Girls)

What Boys Want (25 Things Boys Find Appealing In Girls)

To hold and foster great relationships, one would ultimately need to answer the question: what do boys want or find appealing in girls? What a particular boy may want might be different from his peers. It all boils down to their different personalities and way of life.

Some people will say boys need a girl that is physically attractive, while some others say boys need a morally upright girl, and the list is endless.

Things boys like in girls but won’t tell you:

1. They like cheerful girls:

Boys want and like cheerful girls and girls that are friendly and laugh a lot. There is a saying that says “Laughter is the best medicine”. This is a fact because many feel relieved when they laugh. 

This is one reason why men crack some jokes, say funny words, or do some crazy stunts to see a girl blush. This gives them a sense of acceptance and they will thrive to see those beautiful sets of dentitions.

2. Females that listen:

Girls that listen to views on a topic or anything being discussed are admirable to boys. They appreciate it when they do not feel like they are talking to deaf ears. 

Most times, boys do not open up on issues bothering them or making them feel weary because they tend not to be free talking about it. When they eventually do, they expect the girl with them at the moment to listen and make them feel comfortable. Just an act of listening makes their heart melt, they feel loved and wanted.

3. They like it when a girl is caring:

Have you ever wondered why men are called “big babies”? It is because they act like one anytime they are with a girl they like or a girl who is taking good care of them. Boys want them to be caring and act as a big support. To care is to be loved and to be uncared is to be unloved. Shower them with care and they will do things that will amaze you to a great extent.

4. Self-assured and ambitious:

Well, these are attributes most girls should have because it doesn’t only appeal to boys but also improves their self-esteem. Boys like girls who know what they want and do everything tangible to accomplish that. 

If you lack these attributes, you might just be on your way to denting your image and this might hunt your psychology.  According to Claire Shipman and Katty kay in their book – The Confidence Code − girls’ confidence drops as much as 30% between the ages of 8 and 14. So parents have to build up their girl child’s confidence at a very tender age for better self-assurance.

5. They like loyalty:

Imagine if you are always rude to a boy, but not only to him, to his friends and families too. Yes!  Your guess is as good as mine. Your rudeness will make you less attractive and he will be very unserious in the relationship you guys are building or developing. But also imagine if the reverse is the case. Yes! He will give you that respect you yearn for, not only him but also his friends and families.

6. Crave their presence:

Let them feel and know how much you yearn for their presence. Call and message them regularly. If you always want to be around them please do. This is done when you must have reached a certain level of togetherness and closeness. It will make him feel special and wanted.

7. Give them some space:

It is not all the time a boy wants you around them. Sometimes, they prefer to be left alone to reflect on some things that might have played a huge role in their lives, be it bad or good. It is advisable as a girl to grant them this “once in a while special request” even if they do not say it to you.

This act will automatically make their feelings for you grow from 50% to 95.5%, and even more. It will also keep your mental health sane and make you improve on your personal development, not only you but also the boy. 

What boys want

8. Chat/call them first:

If a boy is the only one doing the texting and calling it will be so one-sided and tiring. And if this lingers on, the so-called feeling he had for you won’t be there anymore because you are not showing him how much you care.

So, if as a girl you have this attitude, drop it and start calling and texting the boy you love once in a while, initiate conversations. What boys want secretly is to get texted first and checked upon. So endeavor to do this and make him and yourself happy.

9. Grab and give them attention:

Generally, people love when they are given attention. As a girl, you can take a step closer to winning a boy’s heart if you shower him with enough attention. Make him feel you can not do without him, let him know how special he is.

Another way to grab his attention is by loving what he loves, and showing genuine interest in whatever he does to make himself happy. It can either be playing video games, going for a swim or skiing, it can be anything at all, join him to do these things. Just be intentional about getting his attention.

10. When you genuinely attract them:

A boy will be overly proud of you as a friend when you wisely present yourself as attractive. And you can make him more attracted to you. These days, playing hard to get is no longer necessary. If a boy tells you that you attract him and will love to know you more, instead of ignoring him, you can just hear him out especially when you feel that there is a possibility of you both developing mutual feelings.

Girls are advised to find possible ways of making these boys know they are into them while not falling too cheaply for them. When you create that space, the general expectation is to allow a boy to fill up the space or create an idea in his mind so he can match what you want.

11. Show your femininity with pride:  

The greatest asset of every girl is her femininity. No guy can resist that trait because it draws them in a way no one seems to understand. Many girls feel that whenever they display their femininity, they are less of themselves or feel inferior, and harboring such feelings is wrong. In a part of this article, I talked about self-acceptance. You are a lady, accept your personality, wear your armor of courage, and live life. You can do all these and still be in control of things you seem to be for your male counterparts.

What men want

12. Buy them gifts:

Girls need to develop the culture of buying their man or any boy in their lives a gift. Who does not like to be given a present? If you do not, boys do. You should be available emotionally to cheer them up to be happy and by doing this, you have to gift them beautiful presents. They might not tell you they need gifts from you, but you have to use your discretion.

13. Be expressional:

Boys find it thrilling when a girl expresses herself. As a girl with a pretty heart, do not believe your opinions are not wanted. If a boy is annoying, roll your eyes. When you say something naughty, laugh out loud like you have seen the whole world in his eyes. Just act all sexy and these will make him mesmerize.

14. They like a girl who possesses great self-esteem:

As a girl, you need to love yourself twice as much. Love yourself relentlessly, give yourself respect. What many girls fail to understand is that boys respect girls that genuinely respect themselves. 

If you do not do this, no one will. Focus on yourself, your intentions, and let your intuitions guide you. Strive to become a better person but do not change your personality. With this, you won’t rub yourself on the ground all because you want to impress and make a boy love you because boys naturally like girls with great self-esteem. This will also make him not see himself as a controlling man.

15. Kindness:

Once a girl is kind, guys automatically get attracted. Do not be unkind to humanity, always be ready to assist someone with a little act of kindness. 

16. Smell great:

For any guy, you are trying to impress or win his heart, make sure you have a great and nice smell. When you gesticulate and move around him, he will tend to feel your presence, even when you are not around, your fragrance will leave a lasting euphoria of love in his heart and this will make him head over heels with you.

17. Give them nice nicknames:

Imagine when a guy you like gives you a pet name he only calls you, yes! That’s the same way he will feel when you also give him a pet name.

Think and craft out a name that sounds appealing to the ears so that anytime you call him, his heart gets melted and all he wants to do at that moment is to love and cherish you more. This also depends on the kind of intimacy you share with the boy.

18. Boys like public display of affection:

Ever wondered how it will feel when you publicly display affection towards your guy? How will he feel when you walk close to him and plant a kiss on his cheek and you whisper into his ears “I love you”. Yes, he will feel loved and be on top of the world. As a lady, practice PDA once in a while and see your man worship you.

19. Wear his clothes:

If as a boy you discover that some of your clothes are missing in your closet, do not fret, just know that you share the same size with someone that holds you dear to her heart. This act might be a little annoying and it can go overboard. But it can also spark up a little wildness in him and make him feel you are sending some unwritten message that you belong to him and whatever is his, is yours.  

20. Natural Girls:

Guys like natural girls. Natural in terms of their physical attributes, behavior, way of life, and so on. It will be extremely awkward when a girl disguises to please a boy because it will be very tiring and unhealthy to keep up.

They find it alluring when a girl is realistic and down to earth, they like it when a girl accepts her natural self because they feel she can also accept them for who they are. Do not stress, do not panic, just be you, and do you.

21. Self-reliance:

One of the saddest things to do that is not meant to be done is for a girl to rely on a man. This act limits you in all ramifications of life, it might stagnate you.

Trust me, no boy will cherish a girl who lacks self-reliance, even if it seems he is not bothered, it will get to a point where he gets tired, exhausted, and worse gets worse, he might use it against you. A boy wants a girl that has the ability to solve problems, especially in his absence. It gives him the confidence to trust the girl with issues he is facing in his life.

22. Compliment them:

Giving compliments is not one-sided in the sense that, it is not only a girl that should enjoy the respect. Boys also want to be complimented, they also want to be validated and pampered with soft words. They also want their cheeks to turn red, they want their head to swell and also feel on top of the world when they are being praised by a girl.

23. They like when they are being trusted:

We all know that being trusted is a great feeling that makes one responsible for and up to the task. Boys in every way love this feeling. Although it is not so easy to trust someone according to psychotherapists and relationship coaches, behaviors that show a lack of trust are bad and should be avoided. They try as much as possible to gain and preserve the trust of their counterparts by not doing anything that could tarnish it.

24. Don’t compare them with anybody:

Generally, nobody likes to be compared. Constantly comparing them with other people might soil the relationship you have with them as they will see you as a downer.

25. Be their sun:

Having a positive outlook and disposition will surely place you on the high side of a boy’s heart. Positivity is contagious, so this draws them to any girl that has this attribute because they surely know that they are going to reciprocate that same energy, and he will have eventually do things to please you.


Boys deserve the utmost love, satisfaction, and care. You already understand and know that guys are not restricted from love. You know some things guys like and you have a good understanding of how best you can keep up your relationship with them.

Be you, accept and love yourself and they would love you just the way you are for you are amazingly made.

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