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15 Hot Steaming Ways To Turn A Cancer Man On Sexually

15 Hot Steaming Ways To Turn A Cancer Man On Sexually

You wan to know what turns a Cancer man on sexually because you just cannot get this particular Cancer man outta your head. Hell, he might just be your husband. Crush, boyfriend, husband and you I did not mention, you are in the right place.  

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign in which the sun enters the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere from June 21 to July 22. Those born during this period are called “Cancer”.

When you let him be your focus, your submissiveness, your sensual talk, the way you dress including the dab you wear, and so on – all these are what turns a Cancer man on sexually. Get it baby!

He is good at showing affection to his partner, they can also be possessive and jealous. But they love with all their heart and can hate easily when you break their heart.

15 hot steamy ways to turn a cancer man on sexually

If you are dating a cancer man and you don’t know how to turn him on, here are some steps on how to seduce him and make him want you.

1. Make the first move

If you want to spice things up between both of you romantically or sexually, then make the first old by either kissing, touching, or smooching him, it works like magic.

2. Be submissive

They like to take control especially when he believes in his bedroom skills. Tell him to do whatever he wants with you and watch how he satisfies you.

3. Dress in the mood

There is a saying that goes, dress the way you want to be addressed. What turns a cancer man on sexually is the way you dress to attract him. Wear something sexy so that he can imagine it in his mind before starting the real thing. 

4. Pay attention to his nipple

Their nipple is very sensitive. Paying attention and playing with them by licking and kissing could easily turn him on, this gives him some form of pleasure.

5. Talk dirty

Cancer men love when their partner talks dirty to them. It makes them horny and wants their partner even more.

6. Bath together 

Having a bath with a Cancer man is a huge turn-on for him, either in the shower, or the Jacuzzi. You can touch him and he will do the same from there till you guys get to climax.

7. Flirt with him

You guys can flirt with each other as this could be the start of something special if he reciprocates and starts flirting with you. There are high chances of both of you ending things up in the bedroom.

8. Have sex outdoors

They like a little bit of adventure and adrenaline. He will wang to see outside the bedroom. Not in front of people but somewhere outside that is hidden.

9. Be feminine

They love their women to look good, smell nice and be gentle. Try to be the perfect woman for him and watch him go crazy. Tell him he makes you feel like a woman and he will never be able to resist you.

10. Massage him with good oils

A cancer man likes to be pampered. Massaging him with good oils that scent well and touching him in some good areas can turn him on.

11. Act wild

When in the bedroom give him the best. You have to bring all his fantasies to reality. Drive him crazy with the things you do in the bedroom and trust me, it will work like magic.

12. Be very romantic

Cancer men are romantic freaks. Try to be romantic with him, go out on dinner dates with him, kiss him passionately, cuddle and do other romantic stuff with him and watch him be yours.

13. Foreplay is important

Foreplay allows him to connect with you deeply and he likes to make sure you are satisfying him the way he pleases you. This is a great turn-on for him.

14. Seduce him with sexy postures and videos

Cancer men are visual men. They are moved by what they see. Showing them sexy pictures and videos is a way of enticing him.

15. Compliment his bedroom performance 

If you enjoyed your time in the bedroom with him, tell him or compliment him by telling him “You make me feel so good, Tonight was amazing” etc.

How to know if a Cancer man has a crush on you

Cancer men can be shy but when it comes to liking or crushing on a lady, they don’t know how to hide it. Here are ways to show that a cancer man is crushing on you.

1. Introduces you to his friends and family

Cancer men have strong family values and they value their families’ love. If they decide to introduce you to their families, it means they like you.

But before going to see his parents for the first time, ask him if there’s anything you need to know because first impressions are lasting impressions and it matters a lot.

2 . Makes you laugh

In as much as cancer boys are shy, they come alive when they see their crushes. They can crack jokes or make funny gestures just to see their crush’s smile.

3 . Spends more time with you

He tries to do everything possible to spend as much time with you. He visits you almost every day and becomes clingy over time.

4 . Good at complimenting you 

He always tries to make you feel good by complimenting your looks, your clothes, shoe e.t.c. This is a way of him expressing his feelings rather than telling you directly.

5 . Always staring at you 

If you notice he is always staring at you non stop and he has not walked up to you, he is probably crushing on you but hasn’t told you yet.

Where do cancer men like to be touched

If you are thinking about what turns on a cancer man sexually, then you should try touching and kissing his chest, especially his nipples. They love soft kisses and bites on their chest, the nipple areas to be precise.

How to sext a cancer man

Cancer men can be shy no doubt but that doesn’t stop them from sexting with their partners. They prefer when you compliment their sexual and romantic skills like telling them how you enjoyed the last sexual encounter or compliment their looks.

He also likes when you flirt with him online, and send him some sexy pictures and videos of yourself.

Sex positions you will enjoy if your partner is a Cancer man

Cancer men are sensitive and are very affectionate and romantic. He prefers missionary sex positions because they want to see their partner’s face during lovemaking.

Generally, they also enjoy the “6,9” position where partners give each other oral sex simultaneously.

Spooning is also done, which simply means cuddling with penetration. This is the kind of sex they get involved in, where they use their mouth on their partner’s private part. The positions above, are turn turns a cancer man on sexually.

How to make a cancer man happy sexually

Different ways are used to make a cancer man sexually happy, they include;

i. Being romantic

ii. Talking dirty 

iii. Showering together

iv. Been submissive

v. Flirting with him

vi. Complimenting him on your romantic moments

Personality Traits  of a Cancer man

Here are some personality traits of a Cancer man

i. Cancer men are loyal

Cancer men are difficult to connect or vibe with but once you guys become close and care for each other, they become loyal to you for life. But before you gain this trust or loyalty, it takes a while.

ii. They are protective

Cancer men are known to be very protective of their families and loved ones. Be you, family, or friend, a cancer man can go out of his way to protect the ones he loves, no matter the cost.

iii. Intuitive

They rely more on natural tendencies rather than a practical or rational sense of judgment because of their intense emotional state and ability to easily detect emotional changes in others. They can make decisions quickly and effectively purely on intuition.

iv. Caring

Cancer men are kind and caring because they are quite emotional and they can love and care for their partners and they expect to be loved the same way in return if not they can get angry.

v. Easily moody

They can be very happy now and in the next minute be very sad and when this happens they seek refuge in themselves.

This mostly happens when something goes south or they get disappointed, they just get mood swings.

vi. Vindictive

They try to treat people with empathy and kindness and if they don’t get that same treatment from people they can be vindictive to whoever is causing them that pain.

What not to say to a Cancer man

In as much as cancer can be sweet and emotional, there are certain things that they do not like you to say to them, some of them are;

1. “Don’t you think you are too sensitive?”

Once you say this to a cancer man, be rest assured that his closeness towards you is going to change. They go solo once you complain about their sensitivity.

2. “You are manipulative”

They know how to use emotions to their advantage and will use it to get what they want. Once they are caught and questioned, they change their ways.

3. “Why do you always visit your family?”

Cancer men are big on families’ well-being and values and they hold their family members to heart. Trying to make them stop seeing their families the way he wants can cause a big fuss and make him end the relationship with you.

4. “Why so clingy?”

When cancer men fall in love, they show their love all day and all night. Sometimes, it can be suffocating so when you question that closeness, he takes it personally and it hurts his feelings.

Zodiac signs cancer men are attracted to

Cancer men easily fall in love because of their sensitive nature and emotional state of mind. They do not easily open up to people but deep down, they want a true romantic partner who is of an equal emotional state as they are and they are mostly attracted to Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces zodiac signs.

How to tell if a cancer man is playing you

Cancer men can be sweet and affectionate and are not scared to show you how much they love their partner, but sometimes, they act very cold and give an “I don’t care attitude” which makes you wonder if a cancer man is playing you. Here are the signs that point out that a cancer man might be playing you.

1. You are not in his future plan

Anytime you guys talk about the future and he starts talking about his plans without including you in Them, it is a clear sign that he doesn’t see you in his future. He is just playing you and wasting time with you.

2. No public display of affection 

Cancer men can show love in private or in public. But when he is playing you when you guys are alone, he is all-loving and sweet but when you guys are out in public, he treats you like a stranger.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to his family 

They are family loving so if he loves you, he will take you to see his loved ones. But if he does, it could be that he was never interested in you, he just wanted to have fun with you and ditch you on the side when he is done.

4 . Pays more attention to his phone than you

He is always on his phone whenever you guys are together. He chats or he is busy watching videos online and not giving you proper attention.

5. Does not make time for you 

Cancer men always want to be around the ones that love and spend quality time with them. If he doesn’t make time for you and you can’t reach him, it is a red flag.


A Cancer man is a loving, caring, affectionate, and emotional man. They are very sensitive ad they know how to show love to their partners and love it even more when the same amount of love is returned.

This could mean that their partner would look for ways to please them which could make them ask what turns a cancer man on sexually?

Well, those are many ways to spice up your love life with your Cancer man which are well detailed in the article.

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