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Why Men Say I Love You A Lot

Why Men Say I Love You A Lot

Being told that you are loved by someone you cherish is one of the most satisfying feelings in the whole world. When a man truly has great affection for you, he makes you experience bliss and pleasure.

But sometimes, hearing how much we’re loved can become stale. The true value of the statement could be lost because we receive them daily. Your man might not know this.

But as humans, we hardly appreciate what we have until it’s gone. Telling someone I love you is never too quick. This is because you can’t tell the true feelings of another person until they reveal them through words or actions.

He might simply be super comfortable with telling you he has deep affection for you and doesn’t care about what happens next. A man who sincerely desires you might use those words a lot until they become banal or songs to your ears.

In this article, we’ll find out why some men won’t cease telling you how they love you.

What does it mean when a man says he loves you deeply

When a man tells you I love you, he really means it. Using those three magic words is very special to men and they hardly use it without an intention.

If he says he has deep affection for you during your first date or later in the affair, he means it. And he is only expressing his feelings.

When a man says I love you, he is saying it because he wants to be closer to you. He wants you to understand how he feels and that he does not take you for granted.

He only wants you to know you are special. And telling you that he has deep affection for you is his way of letting you know.

This feeling of security could make your partner tell you he loves you. He is secure in his love for you and he is sure in his heart that you are perfect for him. And the best way to let you know that is by expressing his feelings for you.

Why did he say I love you so soon?

Is there a time frame to divulge how you feel? The fact that you feel it is too soon for you does not mean he feels it too soon. You can’t put a time restriction on somebody’s feelings.

He might also be saying those three words too soon because he is scared of losing you. And he knows you are way above his league. So he expressed his feelings to you in a rush so you know how serious he is about you.

Your partner telling you how he feels might happen because he’s feeling great or super happy. Sometimes he might only be saying I love you to have sex with you or to have control over you and not because he means it.

A woman with her legs on the laps of her husband.

What does it mean when a man won’t stop saying I love you?

Sometimes when your partner has a great liking for you, he wouldn’t be able to stop expressing himself. He only wants to remind you of his feelings for you and to let you know that his feelings are genuine and sincere. He wants you to understand that you are loved and appreciated.

When a man wants to bond with you, he would want to do nice things and use pleasing words too. This closeness helps him express his true feelings for you. He understands that when you hear these words from him, it helps you feel secure, at peace, and safe with him.

Another reason a man may not be able to stop saying I love you may be due to his insecurities. He utters I love you because he needs validation from you. He may feel unsure and insecure about how you feel.

He may want you to use the three magic words on him too.

When he has doubts about your feelings, he tends to be more vocal about his. When he tells you he has great affection for you all day and night, he understands it can draw out a response from you. It may be a way to give you a hint of how he feels or a way to get you to say the words more.

When a man believes you’re wonderful, he might not be able to keep his mouth close due to his sentiments toward you. So he says it more and lets you and the whole world know how he feels about you.

How to know if a man has deep affection for you

Knowing someone has a great liking for you and would do anything for you is one of the best feelings ever. Especially when you are in a love affair with that person. You won’t need a soothsayer to tell you that this person derives great pleasure from loving you.

You know from how he treats you. Also from how he takes care of you and how he always wants to spend time with you. Here are some ways to know a man loves you.

He talks about the future with you. A man who truly has a great liking for you isn’t only seeing the now but also seeing forever with you. He’ll discuss plans for the future with you.

There is no better way to show he adores you than paying attention to your needs. He checks on you, he wants to always know how you are feeling. What you are doing and if you need anything, he ensures that he puts you first all the time.

He makes you laugh. He ensures that you are always happy. Your happiness makes him happy.

Seeing you laugh makes him laugh. He wants to have fun with you and just live life to the fullest with you.

He is intimate with you. Intimacy here doesn’t relate to sex, I mean he divulges the smallest details about himself. He discloses to you things that make him vulnerable and that he cannot reveal to anyone else.

When a man wants your opinion about things and he takes your advice, it means he has deep affection for you. And he values your opinion on things.

What to do when he says he loves you

Sometimes our partners tells us they love us way before we are ready to hear it. And we might be confused about how to react or what to say to them back.

Well, it definitely puts you in an awkward situation when someone tells you he loves you. Especially when you are not even sure of your feelings for him. Here are some things you can do when he tells you he has deep affection for you.

Explaining your feelings never hurts anybody. So when your partner tells you he loves you and you are not so sure you feel the same way about him, let him know how you feel.

If you can’t tell him you love him yet, explain to him how deep your feelings for him are. And how much emotional connection you share with him.

When you have to let someone down, do so in a kind manner. Don’t be rude or try to brush off his feelings.

Because you don’t feel the same way doesn’t mean he is in a hurry or that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Ensure you choose your words wisely because whatever you say to him might cause him pain.

Listen to him. Let him explain to you why he has a deep affection for you. Don’t try to shut him down, give him the space to explain his feelings.

Learn to be diplomatic, especially when you know you don’t love him and there is no way you will love him in the future. Ensure you reply in a diplomatic and respectful manner.

The psychological effects of I love you

Everyone loves to hear the three magic words. They give reassurance and make one feel safe, and happy in a love affair. But when it becomes too much, it becomes a burden for the other person.

It may expose your insecurities and make you look weak. It puts too much pressure on your partner to reciprocate your feelings. Even though your partner might love you, she may not be feeling that love at that particular moment.

And they may not feel the need to say it back to you. It doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t love you, it only means that the person may not be in the mood to say it.

Sometimes the word being used every time can be taken for granted. So saying I love you too much might make your partner take those words as mere words. But also have it in mind that you do not want to hoard the words and make your partner forget how they sound.

Is it healthy to say I love you all the time?

How you and your partner choose to express love is up to you. Whether you express it on a daily basis, weekly, or even monthly that is what you choose to do.

If you are both comfortable with using (I love you) daily, then there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you and your partner see it as a healthy lifestyle and you see no cause for alarm.

Create the love life you desire. Build it too. If you have a strong conviction inside you that it is healthy, carry on.

But if you feel otherwise, then moderate how you say it. In this case, you aren’t solely in charge of determining if it is healthy or otherwise.

Your baby girl will have a say in whether it is healthy or toxic. If she is comfortable hearing these words, fine. If she isn’t you both need to meet and what is best for you and the love affair.

Does saying I love you a lot make the word lose its meaning?

Saying I love you a lot cannot make it lose its value. As long as you are sincere in your feelings and you back up your words with actions.

I love you can only become meaningless if you do not mean the words. And you are using them for emotional blackmail or to get sex from your partner.

Some ladies are very uncomfortable with those three words because of past experiences. They’ve been lied to with those same exact words. And whenever anyone says something related to that, they shrug it off.

These types of ladies prefer love in action. It will take a while for them to get comfortable hearing those words. And when a man uses those words on them all the time without action, they simply don’t believe it or it loses value.

How often should I say I love you?

I love you is a beautiful statement, one that holds a lot of meaning and emotions. I don’t think anyone can tell you how often it is best to say it. How often you want to say it should depend on you. Depends on how comfortable you are saying it.

And how well it works for you. Just say it as often as it works for you. You don’t need any data or statistics to tell you how often you should use such beautiful words.

If your partner is okay with you using those words, by all means, continue. And if you’re genuine, your partner will appreciate them and look forward to hearing them always too. She might cultivate the habit and start divulging how much she cares too.

In a nutshell

A man who round the clock tells you that he’s overly in love with all of you should not make you feel insecure or scared. It should give you warm feelings and not be a cause for alarm.

But if hearing I love you does not make the butterflies in your tummy come alive, you should search your heart. See if you love the person you are with and if you can see yourself doing forever with that person.

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