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What It Means When A Taurus Man Goes Quiet

What It Means When A Taurus Man Goes Quiet

Taurus men are usually very reliable and relaxed. They are calm, patient, and very loving. But when he is hurt, he usually overreacts and is very quick to anger. So if a Taurus man goes quiet it may be due to very tangible reasons.

When a Taurus man goes quiet, he will ignore you and use the silence to try to properly access the reason for his silence and to know what his next move will be.

What does it mean when a Taurus man goes quiet?

When a Taurus man goes quiet, it usually means that he is hurt or he is annoyed with you. Taurus men are not usually good at expressing their feelings, so if he is quiet, that usually is his way of expressing hurt or anger. Taurus men are calm and very tolerant and simple people, but they have a habit of being very sensitive and usually overreact when hurt. They can be overly stubborn and temperamental, so when they go quiet, it means that you did something to make them pissed.

7 Things a Taurus man would do when he is quiet.

1. He will ignore you:

When you upset your Taurus man and he goes quiet, it means he is trying to process his emotions because they are not good at expressing their thoughts. Most times, they don’t want to talk about what made them angry, so they end up ignoring you until they feel better or calm enough to handle a conversation logically.

2. He will lose his cool:

When a Taurus man goes quiet, they tend to lose their cool and become very impatient with you, especially when he asked you to do something and you did not do it. So most times when a Taurus man goes quiet, it means that he is losing his patience and becoming intolerable.

3. He doesn’t pick up your calls:

This is very usual among men when they are pissed at you. Most times, they do not answer your calls, and a Taurus man is usually not different. And Taurus men are not usually very good at expressing their thoughts through words, so when he is mad at you, he may choose to go radio silent to the extent of not picking up your calls or replying to your messages.

4. He holds a grudge:

Taurus men find it hard to forgive past mistakes, so when he is mad at you, he can hold a grudge for a long time. If a Taurus man recalls past mistakes, he may experience negative emotions, so this is why he may choose to go quiet and ignore you if he is hurting.

5. He asks for space: 

Taurus man needs time alone in his own space, so when he goes quiet, he usually just wants to be alone to be able to process his feelings. And if you try to invade his space, he might throw his anger at you or you guys might get involved in a full-blown argument and that’s the last thing a Taurus man wants to do.

6. He would unfollow you from social media:

When a Taurus man goes quiet, they go all the way in. Most times when he decides to give you the silent treatment, he might even go as far as unfollowing you from social media or even blocking you just to get the space he needs.

7. He won’t want to see you:

If a Taurus man goes quiet, he would avoid you in any way possible even to the extent that he may not want to hang out in his usual places if there is a possibility of running into you.

15 ways to react to a Taurus man that has gone silent

1. Give him space: 

When a Taurus man goes silent, he is not trying to make you feel bad or guilty, rather he is trying to process his emotions and thoughts. So if a Taurus man goes silent, you should give him space to breathe.

2. Have an honest conversation with him:

If a Taurus man goes silent, the best thing you can do is to have an honest conversation with him. Tell him how you feel if you miss him. Tell him if you want him back tell him, just open up and be truthful to him.

3. Apologize:

When you offend a Taurus man, he holds a grudge and he needs you to apologize from your heart. Most times, you might not be the reason he had gone silent, but you need to offer him a heartfelt apology if you know you offended him.

4. Share memories with him:

When you notice that a Taurus man has gone quiet on you, you need to remind him of the good memories you guys shared, and try to reminisce about them. When you see any memories you guys shared, you can take a photo and post it on your socials so he can be reminded of the good times.

5. Appeal to him:

When a Taurus man goes silent, you can appeal to his senses. You can wear his favorite perfume and try to get his attention or you can stylishly walk sexually past him.

6. Show him loyalty:

When a Taurus man goes silent in front of you, you can show him that you can be a loyal friend and ensure that you follow through on all the promises you made to him before he stopped talking to you.

7. Focus on yourself:

When a Taurus man goes radio silent, it might be a good time for you to work on yourself. Try to focus on yourself, show him you are a strong independent Taurus man. As a strong woman, show him that you can be strong on your own.

8. Compliment him:

Taurus men love a compliment whether about themselves or their work ethics, so when a Taurus man goes silent, go and try to compliment him to see if he would be able to snap out of it.

9. Make compromises:

When a Taurus man goes silent especially if it is about something you guys can’t agree about, you can learn to make a compromise if it is something you are comfortable with.

10. Leave him to think:

Taurus men are not very vocal, so when he is ignoring you, you should give him time to analyze his thought. Taurus men tend to overanalyze their thoughts before they take action.

11. Ask him if he is angry with you:

When a Taurus man goes silent on you, you can ask him what the matter is and why he is giving you the silent treatment. You might get to the root of the matter quicker if you just ask him what’s wrong.

12. Be straightforward:

When a Taurus man is silent with you, you should be direct and straight to the point. Don’t go about playing mind games because Taurus men hate mind games.

13. Try not to react:

It can be hurtful when the man you love ignores you, but you should just let him have the space he wants and not put pressure on him to talk to you.

14. Be understanding:

When a Taurus man goes quiet, you need to be understanding. Taurus man needs space. They do better when they are by themselves, so they sometimes feel the need to retreat.

15. Respect his decision:

If a Taurus man is ignoring you for good reason, do not try to force them out of their silence, because if you do so, you may worsen the situation.

Why is a Taurus man now silent?

A Taurus man may be silent because you hurt his feelings or you did something to annoy him, but most times, a Taurus man may be silent because he is processing his feelings or he is worried about his work or other issues he may be having that does not relate with you. Because Taurus men are not good at expressing their emotions they may just choose to remain silent.

How to make a Taurus man regret ignoring you.

To make a Taurus man regret ignoring you, you need to up your game by working on yourself. Show him how successful you are and ensure you don’t contact him in any form. Show him he is not the only one that can play the ignoring game.

To make him regret ignoring you, have fun, show him how good your life is going, and ensure you hang out with other people and take a lot of pictures.

When you know you would run into him dress to impress and wear your favorite scent makes him regret ignoring you, look your best at all times.

How to emotionally reconnect with a Taurus man.

Reconnecting with a Taurus man is not easy, but they are sometimes you can do to reconnect with him.

You can spend time with him one on one in other to be able to reconnect with him and get to know him all over again.

Learning to accept him is another way to reconnect with him. You can’t force him or criticize his effort. You are only making him withdraw from you more.

Talk to him about your feelings in a calm and collected manner to be able to reconnect with him.

How to react when he finally breaks the silence.

When he finally breaks the silence, calmly speak to him. Don’t go about shouting or demanding answers, just let him be and enjoy the moment. And when he is ready, he would tell you the reason for the silence.

Will he ever break the silence?

A Taurus man will only break the silence if he hasn’t lost all forms of his trust and love for you. If he still has feelings for you he would talk to you again, but a Taurus man needs to be emotionally invested before he can break the silence and talk to you again.

But if a Taurus man’s emotions conflicts when it comes to you, then he won’t break the silence, he may just keep ignoring you until he can resolve his feelings.

How long will a Taurus man go silent? 

A Taurus man’s silence does not have a particular time frame. He can be silent for one day or two, or even months depending on how long it takes for him to resolve his conflicting emotions.


Taurus men are sweet loving and dependable. They are very loyal and anyone who gets to date them is always usually very lucky, but they have this bad habit of going silent especially when they are hurt or angry and it takes a special kind of patience for one to deal with them.

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