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Messages Passed When A Virgo Man Hugs You

Messages Passed When A Virgo Man Hugs You

Sometimes hugs can mean that people care about you, but deep hugs mean they care more about you and may even be in love with you. Virgo men are known to be very gentle and helpful, making it difficult to understand these men, especially when they are close friends or someone you like. When a Virgo man hugs you, it is usually hard to decode what it means because it comes naturally to him.

His hugs could mean that you make him feel cool or that he cares about you. He could also mean that he is sexually attracted to you. But most times, these men have a way of showing what they mean when they hug you by the kind of hug they give to you. You have to learn to decode it.

15 Hidden Messages Passed When A Virgo Man Hugs You

1. He is sexually attracted to you 

They are not men who just want to have sex with you. They usually have sex with women they like a lot. So if he is hugging you, you can tell that it’s sexual by how close and intimate he will hold and touch you. It might even be from the back.

2. He is leaving you for good

When you have an issue with him, and he embraces you, it could mean he’s trying to tell you that although I like and still care about you, this is the end of anything he had with you.

3. He is sad 

Most men do this, but these men usually would hug you if they are happy because you make them feel better; they see you as a source of comfort.

4. He misses you

He is saying goodbye, and the hug means he will miss you and can’t wait to see you again.  

5. He is trying to show romance 

When a Virgo man hugs you, it could mean he is just trying to be romantic or serious about you. These men are affectionate and loving. So they know how to be romantic, and embracing you in such a deep way is one way they do it.

6. He has feelings for you

The fact is that these men like physical affection and also crave physical touch, but they can do it if they don’t have romantic feelings for you. So if he is hugging you so tight, he is trying to message you that he has a crush on you. 

7. He cares so much about you

Embracing someone is a way of showing them you are with them in whatever they are going through. People feel better when you hold them tight and want to know that someone cares about them. And these men naturally are always ready to show affection, especially if they care about you. That is why they will embrace you to show how much they care about you.

8. He wants to be your shield

When these men embrace you during your grief and worry, he wants you to know that he’ll make sure you leave that dark place for a better place where you’d be happy again.

9. He isn’t connecting:

He could give you a quick one-sided embrace, which signifies that he is very casual with you and has nothing deep connection with you. He might have avoided the embrace altogether, but his caring nature won’t let him.

10. It’s just a friendly hug 

Just like how these men will embrace you when uninterested in a romantic relationship with you, he will hold you not too close if he sees you as just a friend and nothing more.

11. He is trying to show you affection 

These men are very affectionate. And if he discovers that you need to be shown affection, he won’t hold it back. He will give you a tight hug with a pat on the back. To tell you, you are more than what you think.

12. He is happy

It is normal for people to want to hold someone close when they are excited about a piece of good news which could be for them or even the friend they are embracing. And men born under this sign are so fond of that.

13. He is trying to help you feel better 

They are loving and caring in nature. So when they think you are sad or not in your usual mood, they commonly hold you closer to themselves. Hugs make people feel better. They know this and use it when they feel you need to feel better.

14. Hugging you makes him feel good 

IWhen a virgo man hugs you, it could mean he enjoys embracing you. You will be under his arms whenever you encounter each other. With time, you’ll learn to hug him and appreciate the gesture.

15. It is the way of greeting you

Suppose he likes you as a friend and might always embrace you when he meets you. That’s his way of saying, ‘hey, it’s been a while. How have you been? I miss you.’

How Does A Virgo Man Show Love?

They are authentic. Although they are not quick to show love until they are sure you feel the same way, they are timid and not expressive with words. They show their feelings with actions and not just words.

He will give you all his time, and he might become possessive and overprotective, but he will show you so much care, rain gifts, and surprise you a lot. 

Expect a lot of hugs, cuddle, and kisses from this man when he is in love with you. He is the kind of man that will go out of his way for you, but he can become a bit clingy if he loves you. If you are not the type that likes a clingy man, it can be upsetting to you. But you will surely get an honest, loyal, and romantic partner if he is in love with you.

Do Men Like To Cuddle?

Even if most men seem as hard on the surface, they are very soft on the inside. Cuddling can make us feel warm and loved and can aid us in sleeping better. So just as women love cuddling, men love it too, although some men shy away from it because it makes them feel vulnerable and girly. 

Cuddling is good for relaxing. As for me, I like it a lot. It’s a unique form of intimacy for me; it gives me this cozy feeling. I have the chance to explore my partner’s body while we both relax, and I may even fall asleep in the process. The men who dislike cuddling could have their reason, but most men do. 

How Do Women React When Hugged

Well, this depends on how she sees you and the relationship level with the person hugging her. 

If you are just a friend to her, your embrace might give her that friendly comfort and feeling. That is why most women like to hug people even if they are not in a relationship with them. So when you hug her first, she might hug you back if she sees you as a friend. 

A woman will only draw back from your touch if she is uncomfortable with you and does not like you. But if she likes you or has a crush on you, and you hug her, she will react with a lot of excitement and hold you close. This kind of embrace gives her that happy feeling.

Final Note

Men born under this sign will only hug you if they see you as a friend or lover. They don’t get intimate with people unless they like you or are happy to be your friends. You will see it in his actions if he doesn’t like you. They show how they feel by the way they act toward you. 

They are timid and might not use words, but if they like you, they are very caring, possessive, and touchy.

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