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15 Telltale Signs A Capricorn Man Is Angry With You

15 Telltale Signs A Capricorn Man Is Angry With You

Capricorn men are known to be cool-headed and stable; it takes time for a Capricorn man to get angry. But everyone gets angry. And according to astrology, when it comes to anger, each person has his own way to react to it. For some, they do just go quiet, while others can get aggressive. So, how do you know when a Capricorn man is angry with you?

Although it’s unusual for Capricorn men to get mad, when they do, it can be hard for it to subside. When angered, this man can become vengeful, can cut you off, ignore you, or blow up. When he blows up, he can turn out to be very disastrous. The fact they try to keep their anger in makes it very fearsome when they blow up.

It is not easy to hold back anger and hide it inside one’s self. Anger leads to mischief, bringing very undesirable consequences at times. To avoid such a situation, one needs to exercise restraint on one’s emotions. The angry man must eschew tendencies to utter hurtful words at his tormentors. ~ Francis Bacon

This exactly describes how a Capricorn man reacts to anger; he wants to hide it and control his emotion. When he can no longer cover it up, he begins to show some of the signs below. 


15 Signs a Capricorn man is angry with you

1. Rude 

Capricorn men are very polite in nature. If you are dating one, you can attest to that. But when a Capricorn man is angry with you, he becomes the opposite of this. He is rude and treats you harshly.

2. Tries to bottle up his feelings 

When a Capricorn man is angry with you, he will want to act like he is not.  So, he does not want to do anything that he will regret. He would try to act as cool as he can.

3. Ignores you 

This is another sign that this man is angry with you. He will want to avoid an outburst, so he will just ignore you.

4. He has an outburst 

When he is trying to bottle up his emotions, this might end with an outburst of anger. When this happens, this man can be fierce. It’s advisable to stay away from him.

5. Distance himself 

He might physically distance himself from you when he is angry. To avoid the kind of outburst that I just talked about. These men don’t like when they are vulnerable and can keep their anger in check. They do everything possible to avoid an outburst when they are angry.

He will say he is angry, he will come up with something like he has to travel, that will give him time, for the anger to fade away.

6. Becomes passive-aggressive 

Instead of showing anger, Capricorn can devise other means to let you know they are angry or hurt. For example, he might see you talking to a friend and he will cut rudely into the conversation.

A Capricorn man might also become controlling. He will do things to passively hurt you. If your man is like this, try to talk to him about it, because this could make your relationship toxic.

7. Vengeful 

When these men are angry, it can lead to something really bad. If you made him angry, or hurt him by cheating on him, he might sleep with your best friend as payback. Or look for other ways to hurt you back.

8. Silent treatment 

He won’t answer any of your texts or calls. He might even read your text on social media, and will not respond. If he is doing this, it’s advisable to give him space.

9. Cuts you off

He will not just ignore you or give you the silent treatment, he will just cut you off. When he is angry, instead of talking about it or confronting you, he might just block you and cut contact with you.

10. Doesn’t want to talk about it 

You have sensed that this man is angry with you. Just like every other person, you are supposed to talk to him. But for Capricorn men, when they are angry they will not want to talk to you unless they have made up their mind to. Don’t rush him to talk. Only if you want to exacerbate the whole issue.

11. He will tell you

If you are wondering how to know when a Capricorn man is angry with you? You should know that he is going to tell you, only when he has taken the time to process how he is feeling.

12. His impatience becomes obvious 

Though they might be very impatient, when he loves you, he is ready to wait for you, like when you are getting dressed. If he becomes so upset that you take too much time to get dressed, then something is up with him.

13. Blunt

This man, when he loves you, he cares about what he does and says, so as not to hurt you. If he becomes so blunt with his words and does not even care if you are hurt or not, then he might be angry with you. 

14. Talks to you at the top of his voice

If you are dating this man, you would agree that they are very calm and level-headed. So if he raises his voice at you, then he is upset.

15. Keeps talking about the issue

These men can hold grudges for a very long time. Even after you have apologized, he may say he has forgiven you, but it will take forever for him to forget. So get ready to keep hearing about the issue, from time to time.

14 tips to calm a Capricorn man when he is angry

1. Give him space 

Sometimes, men born under this sign can get angry about things that do not concern them. So it’s advisable to give them space to process how they feel. Even when you are the one who offends him, giving him space might still help him calm down. As the anger begins to burn out, he will calm down and speak with you.

2. Act remorseful 

If you have offended him, this is how you can make him calm down. If he sees that his anger is causing you so much pain, it will soften him.

3. Try to have sex with him

Sex can be a good stress relief. It can help him calm down. The problem is getting him to have sex with you. You have to be calm, try to seduce him slowly.

4. Offer a sincere apology

Make him see how sad you are, as you sincerely apologize. They are rational thinkers. He will logically observe the whole issue, and calm down.

5. Explain yourself 

They are very logical and mature. And as their partner, you have to be like them. If you want to calm him down, apologize with a logical explanation of why you did what you did, and give him the reasons why it will never happen again.

6. Calm yourself down 

When this man is angry he can become mean. Even when you try to talk to him, he can give you some attitude that will piss you off. You have to keep yourself calm if you want to be able to handle the situation.

7. Limit your mistake 

Capricorn men are very observant. Even when he says he has forgiven you, he will still keep the issue in his mind. He will watch your attitude, and see if you will do it again.  If you do it, it may lead to a very scary outburst or he might just cut you off.

8. Pay him to visit

This man might not answer your call or your text. So visiting him, might be the only way to reach him. Pay him an unannounced visit and he will know how sorry you are.

9. Try to help him unwind

If he is angry at something else and not you, you can try to loosen him up. Try to have fun with him, it will calm him down.

10. Surprise him

Buy him gifts he will love them. This man loves classy and expensive gifts. If he is angry, get him something classy. It will make him calm.

11. Ask his close friends for help 

They don’t keep too many friends. If he has any, it must be someone really important to him. Try and talk to them. They will help you talk to him, and cheer him up.

12. Don’t talk too much 

When is giving you silent treatments or ignoring you, mind the things you say to him. Talk less, to avoid something that will add more fuel to the fire.

13. Leave him alone 

When these men are angry they can get aggressive. Although It’s not in his character to hit you, when he is angry, it’s better to leave him alone to calm down.

14. Support him

He might be angry about something that happened at work. Being there for him is enough to calm him down.

What to do when a Capricorn man is angry with you

When a Capricorn man is angry, he is usually very cold about it; he would rather ignore you or give you a silent treatment. It is better to give him space to process how he feels. If he can give you a listening ear, and if he still loves you, a sincere apology with a logical explanation might make him forgive you. Though he might not forget on time.

Obvious sign a Capricorn man is lying to you

It is uncommon for this man to lie. But when he does, he is very perfect at it; it is almost impossible to tell when this man is lying. He keeps his lies straight and direct. Make it sound logical so that anyone would believe it. If he sees that you are about to catch him lying, he will turn it against you. He will act like you don’t trust him, that’s why you are doubting him. When it’s transferring guilt, that is a sign that he is lying.

7 easily annoyed zodiac signs

1. Taurus 

Especially when things don’t go their way, they become really mad and enraged 

2. Scorpio 

These people, Scorpio, are independent and when they see someone just too stupid or passive around them, it can piss them off. They hate liars too; it’s annoying to them 

3. Aquarius 

The people born under the Aquarius sign can get annoyed when you try to push them around.

4. Leo

These people, Leo, can get irritated, and when they are, they get really angry. 

5. Capricorn 

If you want to get this person annoyed, make fun of him and he will get pissed off. They hate it when they are doing something serious and you are joking around. They might not tell you, but when they do it, usually results in a blow-up.

6. Aries 

The Aries sign can get easily annoyed, especially when people are too slow. They are known for being impatient. If you are slow to make decisions, he will get annoyed often.

7. Libra 

Libra can be a quiet temperament, especially with unkind people and people that think they are more important than they are. 

Will a Capricorn man regret ever losing you?

It depends on the situation. Every man has a woman that he will regret losing, at some point in his life. If it was his fault that things ended between you two, he might regret losing you, but coming back to you is something that might be impossible to happen. For Capricorns, repeating history isn’t in their style.

Are Capricorns violent?; The most dangerous of zodiac signs 

1. Capricorn 

When it comes to violence these people can be very equipped to commit crimes, and do dangerous things.

2. Leo 

Their quest to be in the spotlight can make them do something dangerous things just to get attention.

3. Scorpio 

This person can be very manipulative, and very good at bringing together a gang that can commit a crime. 

4. Sagittarius 

When it comes to getting what they want they can be pretty harsh. They can steal just to gain wealth. It will not be unusual if a Sagittarius is a fraudster or a notorious criminal.

5. Aquarius 

These signs are like revenge and when you hurt them, they can look for dangerous ways to pay you back.

What you shouldn’t say to a Capricorn man

1. “I want you to do it this way.”

If you say this to them, it will look like you are controlling them and this person hates to be bossed around.

2. “Do you have to work?”

They are very hardworking and ambitious. If you try to tell them not to work, it will give them a negative vibe and they might not want to be around you.

3. Don’t lie to them 

They are very logical and might catch you when you lie. So lying to them it’s not a good idea 

4. No I don’t need you 

This man can be very loyal, but also want to always feel important. If you tell him you don’t need him, you might never see him again.

How to make a Capricorn man crazy about you

1. Respect him 

All men love respect. But for Capricorn, they always want to be in control. If he senses any form of disrespect he will pull away from you. Want to make him crazy if you respect him.

2. Give him attention 

This man likes their space. When they need to talk to someone and you are always there he will be obsessed with you.

3. Be honest 

Don’t lie to him. He wants you to be like him straightforward when you lie and he finds out he will lose interest in you.

4. Buy him classy gifts 

They love expensive and unique gifts and if you can give him that, he is going to be crazy about you.

5. Tolerate his personality 

A Capricorn man knows his personality can be really difficult to handle so when you can tolerate it he is going to love you so much.

Signs a Capricorn man hates you

1. Does not have an interest in talking to you

If he hates you, he will ignore you and won’t want to talk to you. Though they can be very good at controlling their emotions, you might not be able to see it in his face. When he avoids talking to you, it might be a sign that he hates you.

2. Keeps his distance 

He distanced himself from you. If he hates you, he will not want to be around you.

3. He is rude 

When this man is angry or hates someone, you would know. They are straightforward but care about what they say. When they don’t like you, they might be blunt and rude to you.


Capricorn men are very good at controlling their emotions. Even if he is angry, he might not even show any of the signs in this article. If he starts to show signs then he is really mad at you. Offering a sincere apology and giving him space will be the ideal thing to do.

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