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12 Things To Do When A Libra Man Is Mad At You

12 Things To Do When A Libra Man Is Mad At You

When a Libra man is mad at you, he can become a completely different person, he won’t argue with you or hit you, but his silent treatment would make you suffer. Libra men are very romantic and when they fall in love, they will talk to you every time and go out of their way for you. If you are dating a Libra man, and just got him upset here is what you should do.

Once you notice your Libra man is acting up, give him some space, try to figure out if you did something wrong, and quickly apologise but if you can’t pinpoint what you did,  don’t put up drama or try to act like you are sad too and try to talk to him that would make him soft.

Libra men are men born between September 23  to October 23. They are known for their kind, affectionate and sympathetic hearts. If you are dating one, keep reading this article, to find out more things you can do, when you get your libra man mad.


12 things to do when a Libra man is mad at you

1. Be calm 

Even if you want to get him to tell you why he is mad at you, the best approach is to be calm. That’s the only way you can get him to speak up.

2. Loosen him up

Don’t start asking him to forgive you just like that. That would make him madder. Instead, try to unwind him, by doing things that can make him soft.

3. Listen to him

When he wants to talk, be ready to listen to him. Give him time to talk, and let him know you are paying attention, to everything he is saying.

4. Don’t be dramatic 

If you start to act dramatic you would just exacerbate the whole situation. Try to stay calm like I earlier stated, and act like you are aware he is mad, doing act like he has no right to be mad.

5. Give him space

The first thing you should do when a Libra man is mad at you is to give him space. He needs space to process his feelings, and you also need space to figure out why he is upset.

Giving him space does not necessarily mean that you don’t get in touch, just try to make him understand that you are here, but you understand he is angry right now.

6. Offer a sincere apology 

When a Libra man is mad at you, this is one of the quickest ways to get him to forgive you; a sincere apology properly explaining everything you did, and assuring him it won’t repeat itself.

7. Don’t act like the victim

When a Libra man is mad at you, his reaction might be a silent treatment. This might be very hard on you, might even hurt you, and make you angry. But don’t act like the victim, it will only add more fuel to the fire. 

8. Understand the reason for his anger

It’s one thing to listen to someone, and another thing to agree with them. You have to listen to his reason why is angry, and also agree that he has every right to be angry.

9. Try to resolve the situation and make positive amendment

When a Libra man is mad at you, one thing that can make them forgive you quickly is when they see that, you are ready to make amends. So the best thing to do is talk to him, ask him how you can resolve the issue, and make corrections.

10. Avoid physical contact

They are very loving, affectionate, and like physical intimacy. But when they are upset, that might be the worst thing to do. If you notice he is being detached, avoid physical contact and give him space till you sort out what’s wrong.

11. Compromise with Venus

They are very good listeners. When you show regret, they become very soft and want to listen to you. Showing regret and acting remorseful, can get him to stop being upset.

12. Show compassion 

He is empathic; when you are calm, doing nice things like doing chores, it would make him know that you are trying to make him happy. This will trigger his soft side and he would want to talk things out.

7 ways to get a mad Libra man to forgive you

1. Quick and sincere apology 

He is the forgiven type; If you can offer a sincere apology, he would forgive you almost immediately. While apologizing, he wants you to spot your offenses and let him know he has every right to be angry.

2. Show him that you can’t do without him

You have to make him feel important. If he is upset, he has to know that not talking to you makes you sad. If you are acting as if nothing happened, he might never forgive you.

3. Make positive changes

They like it when you are willing to change. It shows them that you are sorry. So in case, you did something to your man, try to make him see that you have changed and wouldn’t repeat the offense.

4. Make him feel right 

People born under this sign tend to think that they are always right. So when they are upset, one quick way to get them to forgive you is to make them feel that they are right. Don’t try to argue with him about his reason for being angry. Tell him you understand, and you are sorry.

5. Be remorseful 

If you did something to your Libra man, you have to show him that you are sorry not just by saying it, but also by your attitude. They are very observant. So he is going to be looking at the way you act. Make him know how sorry you are even after you have apologised. 

6. Talk to him but be calm

To get him to forgive you, talk to him about it. But do it with calm, affection, and compassion. 

7. Don’t cry 

Don’t become emotional. All the tears are not going to work for him, it might even make him more upset. He will think you are trying to manipulate him to forgive you. Even if they do forgive you because they can’t stand you crying, they might not be able to get over what you have done.

Signs a Libra man is mad at you

1.  He will ignore you 

Even when you try to talk to him, he will act like you are not there. Like he has no feelings for you or hates you.

2. Will become passive-aggressive 

He is not the type of man that would confront you when he is angry. Normally, he would rather just go quiet and start to act up in a way that would make you know something is up.

3. Detach himself from you

Apart from going silent, this is another thing he will do when is upset, he will give you space.

4. Becomes judgemental 

Naturally, they are very observant; they can easily spot when you lie, your flaws, and your weaknesses. When he is happy he might spot them, and overlook them; he doesn’t like criticism. But when he is mad at you, he will spite and criticize you often.

10 things a Libra man hates

1. Lies

They cannot stand liars. It is something they hate very much. It is very hard to lie to them because they can quickly detect lies. After all, they are very observant and also good liars. 

2. Being bossy

He is the type of man that always likes to be right. Though is very diplomatic and understanding, he doesn’t like to be controlled or pressured.

3. Drama 

This one thing they hate so much; arguments and dramatic women.

4. Not being listened to 

This is especially when he is angry at you. Though he likes to overlook a lot of things because he hates causing issues in his relationship. But when you get him mad, and he is ready to talk to you, he likes that you listen to him.

5. Ingrates 

They like to be appreciated, so if you are the type that doesn’t know how to say thank you, you are going to get on his nerves often.

6. Impatient people

This is one reason they always have issues with Aries. They are the type that likes to do things slowly with all patience. If you are like an Aries that likes things fast and gets irritated when things slow down, he will dislike you.

7. Unfaithful 

They are the kind of men that will do anything for you to trust them. They are very loyal, and when you are not like them, they will dislike you.

8. He hates gossip

A Libra man is very observant but he prefers not to say anything about it, even if he can spot things about people. So if you gossip, he may not like you because he hates critics.

9. Unfairness

Hates to pick sides and treat everything with fairness. He likes being balanced and if you are an unfair type he will dislike you.

10. Unpunctual people

They are very punctual; they might be taking things slow, when it comes to things like an appointment, they always like to be there on time. They detest unpunctual people.

What happens when a Libra man is mad at you

They are very loving but when they are mad at you, they will become the opposite of loving. He might not yell or become aggressive, but silent treatment is what you should expect. Normally, they don’t speak their anger out quickly, when they do, they can become mean.

How to know when a Libra man is done with you

1. He is unkind 

They are very sympathetic. Even when they are upset with you, if you are hurt, they would still show care. So, if your Libra man does not even care about you anymore, even when you are hurt, or going through stuffs, then he is done with you.

2. Holds grudges 

Although it’s in his nature to hold grudges. But if he likes you, and you apologize, he will forgive you. If he has become unwilling to forgive you, then he wants out of the relationship. 

3. Uncaring 

He has empathy; this is one of his loving traits. If he wants nothing to do with you, is unable to feel what you feel, and is uncaring, then he is tired of the relationship.

4. Uncommunicative 

When they are not angry, they are expressive. even when they are, but you are ready to talk, they can express themselves clearly. So, when your man does not even feel like talking to you, and he is not even trying to sort things out, then he is tired.

5. Negative 

He is very optimistic. So if he looks like he does not even see any future with you, then that’s because he is done with you.

10 biggest weaknesses of a Libra man

1. Slow decision makers

It’s very hard for them to take sides. This is why it’s difficult for them to make decisions. Most of them prefer just to sit on the fence. When it comes to making decisions, they don’t know where to stand. This makes them indecisive and slow in making decisions.

2. “Ass kissing”

It’s the type that wants to look good to others. For example, there is an issue and you ask for his view. Even if he knows the right thing to say, he will prefer not to say it, so as not to offend anyone.

3. Self-righteous 

They are the type of men that thinks they are always right. So this makes them feel their morale and beliefs are better than everyone else’s. 

4. Self-centred 

He has a narcissistic personality. He is a people pleaser, who is what to be seen as perfect. This makes him always concerned about the way others see him. Therefore he is overly concerned about his self-image. But he is not the selfish type. He can go out of his way for you 

5. Manipulative 

They are very good at blame-shifting and gaslighting. They would make you feel you are the one that needs to work on yourself, and not them.

6. Short-tempered

The fact that they keep things in mind, for a longer time when they are mad, makes them burst out in anger when they can no longer hold it in. This makes them appear hot-tempered.

7. Vindictive 

When you get them angry, they will readily keep it in and look for passive ways to cause you pain, rather than talking about it.

8. Controlling 

They always think they are right. This makes them have controlling behaviour, and always want things to go the way they want. If you try to oppose them, it might get them angry.

9. Afraid to be alone 

They can’t be on their own. They like company, this can make them a bit clingy, and when you are not there, they might look for someone else, to keep them company.

10. He runs from commitment 

If you are looking for someone to commit quickly, then don’t go for a Libra man. He is charming and a people pleaser, so this makes people drawn to him. He kind of enjoys this, which is why it is hard for him to commit. If he commits to you, then he likes you.

How to make a Libra man crazy in love with you

1. Compliment him

He might appear as the confident type but he needs your compliment if you want him to fall crazy in love with you. He needs you to tell him something nice. It boosts his ego and makes him obsessed with you.

2. Let it be all about him 

The fact he has self-centered traits makes him like people that put him first. If you want him to fall for you, you have to make him feel superior. 

3. Be honest 

Although they are kind of a liar themselves, liars are a big turn-off for them. So always endeavor to be true to him, as much as you can.

4. Don’t pressure him

They like to take things slowly, especially in decision-making. If you are the type that likes to make decisions hastening, you would always get on his nerves. The best way to make him fall for you, is to be patient, don’t rush into making any decision.

5. Be mysterious 

This works for every man; when you make yourself a bit of a puzzle, it will draw him to you, in the quest to try to find out more about you.

6. Be independent 

Although he likes that you should look up to him, in some areas, he is the kind of man that wants his woman to be able to do something for herself. So, if you want him to fall madly for you, be independent, but don’t act like you don’t need him.

How to make a Libra man feel guilty

1. Tell him how much it’s hurt

Even if he has a self-centred trait, he is sympathetic and fair. When you tell him how much it hurts, he would be able to see it in your face, and would immediately start to feel guilty.

2. Make him understand why you feel hurt

He is more willing to notice bad behaviour in others than himself.  If you want to make him feel guilty, use someone’s bad behaviour as an example, then he would understand better the magnitude of the offence, he must have done.  You can also put him in your shoes to make him understand better.


A Libra man is known for his well-balanced personality, and the quest to always put things in order. So even when he is mad at you, he does not like arguments or his relationship to be out of order. He is always willing to forgive easily. A simple apology might just be all you need if you made him angry

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