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How To React When Someone Leaves You On Read

How To React When Someone Leaves You On Read

Ignore them or text them again? This is one of the dilemmas we face when people fail to respond to our texts. This situation could be heightened if the person is a love interest or friend.

Well, the truth remains that sometimes, we jump easily to conclusions when left on read. The person may not be ignoring you. And you might begin to look for what to say when someone leaves you on read.

You might tell them: “A reply won’t make you fall off your high horse.” This reply works when you know the person is always on their phone or replying to others.

Don’t send them insults or pour your frustrations on them. Be calm. In this article, you will find out what to say when someone leaves you on read.

What to say after being left on read

Here are some funny replies you can give when left on read:

You could reply with “Are you still alive?” This is the sort of reply you send to a close friend or lover.

“Was your phone stolen?” The person’s phone might actually be missing which is why they have failed to communicate with you.

“Kings reply to their messages too.” This reply will help deflate their ego. The reply might make them smile or make them a bit pissed off.

“Let’s blame your ISP for this silence.” The person might genuinely want to reply to your text but poor internet service is stopping them.

“Despite God’s busy schedule, I bet he still talks to humans.” This would make him realize that he can make time to reply to you.

“I know you still have hands.” You can use this when looking for what to say when someone leaves you on read.

You might tell this person this: “A reply won’t make you fall down from your high horse.”

“Why are you technology shy? Okay, send me letters through a dove then.”

How to react when someone leaves you on read

Give them time

You need to wait at least 10 hours before responding, except if it is an emergency. Let’s face it, we all ignore texts. Many times, if we are busy, we reply mentally in our heads and then forget to type the reply.

Update your field

If you get the feeling that he is doing this on purpose, you can update your timeline to make him notice you. You could post funny videos, pictures of you, or any random image.

See if all is well

If this is happening for the first time, find out if the person is doing okay. The person might be living through a rough situation which takes away the opportunity to reply to your text.

Call their friends

If you are friends with this person’s friends and family, call them. This should be done if it is happening for the first time or rarely occurs.

Reply with something funny

If this person is someone you are close to, you can say something funny about their muteness. Make a joke about it and they might laugh and send you a reply.

Ask if they are occupied

When this happens, don’t assume that they are ignoring you. The person might be busy and have not had time to reply yet.

How to cope after not getting a reply

Not getting a reply might be difficult. It could sting more if you love that person and you have been waiting for almost 48 hours.

You have to find a way to let go and ignore the person. Here are some ways you can cope after being ignored.

Encourage yourself

When this happens, you have to encourage yourself and tell yourself that you can ignore him. One way you can cope is by encouraging yourself and holding onto that encouragement.

Text other people

When he is not replying to you, text other people to keep yourself busy. This is to enable you to stop thinking about his lack of reply.

Remove reminders

When he stops replying to you, the smartest thing you can do is get rid of anything that reminds you of him. Leave the app or drop your phone to get your mind off his lack of reply


Concentrating on self-care can help you cope with his lack of replies. Get your hair done and fix your nails. Get a massage or do something else to take your mind off him.

Treat it as a lesson learned

When he does not reply, take it as a teachable moment to help you cope with the pain.

Re-examine the text

Most times, when we text, the text does not require a response. This is because the conversation has died out or has become too vague. Rework the text and proceed with a more direct approach.


When you are left to read, another effective approach is to be patient and wait it out. The person you are texting might be busy and can’t get on the phone now.

How long is too long to be left on read

When you don’t get an immediate reply, don’t beat yourself up or try to figure out what you did wrong. But if you haven’t gotten a reply in a day, then it is time to panic, especially if the person is a love interest.

When it happens for the first time, twenty-four hours is quite long. But if you know this person is always on their phone, six to eight hours is too long.

Should I continue a relationship with someone who leaves me on read?

It could mean that he is losing interest in you or that your conversations are becoming boring to him. He may be plain busy

We can’t expect our partners to answer our texts immediately all the time. Often, they are occupied with other activities.

Being unhappy with being left on read is not a reason to end your love affair. You can talk to your partner about it, and if you can’t bring the attitude to his notice. It might mean there is something wrong with how you guys communicate.

When your partner does this, you shouldn’t be too quick to leave the relationship. It’s not a good enough reason to leave a love affair you’ve invested a lot of time into.

Is it rude when a person ignores your messages?

Yes, it is very rude and it could also indicate that the person is lazy and uninterested. There is no harm in shooting back a quick text “can’t talk now.”

Leaving someone on read is an easy way to let someone go. People often choose to leave you on read when they want to subtly let you know they are no longer interested.

If you feel disrespected, you either walk away or talk to the person. Do not allow disrespect to persist.

Is being left on read a big deal?

Some people will tolerate this attitude and wave it off since they are also busy. Others might not because they are less busy. But generally, the role the person plays in our lives can determine if it is a big deal or not.

When this continues for an hour or less, it is not a big deal. It should only be a cause of concern when it happens regularly after you have talked to the person about it.

Is leaving someone on read flirting?

No, but it is cruel and a bit rude. When you leave someone on read for too long it means you have no interest in the person.

Leaving somebody you like on read is sending out a mixed signal and can make the person lose interest in you.

Being left unread can make some people chase further and be more determined to be with the person. But it has little to do with flirting. Flirting happens with communication.

It hurts being left on read

Being ignored by the one you love is painful. When we are left on read, our minds begin to wander. You begin to think of every possible thing you may have done and how it all turned out wrong.

The reason this hurts so much is because it is a way for someone to reject you. And rejection to the human brain is the same as any physical injury. As a result, being left on read will hurt more than usual.

It feels like the person read your message and does not feel like you deserve a reply, so he ignored you. Also, being ignored at this level will hurt your pride.

When you type out the right message, especially if you want to express your feelings, it will hurt more.

He leaves me on read but chats offline properly

Not everyone is in the habit of chatting all the time, and not everyone is a social media person. So if he leaves you on read and replies offline, I don’t see an issue.

The issue would be that he does not reply both offline and online. Maybe he is not comfortable hiding behind a screen and prefers to talk face-to-face.

Understanding your man is very helpful in making a relationship work. There are many people who are also very comfortable chatting online but are shy offline. Know your man and his peculiarities.

When you do this, he may also analyze you to find out your likes and dislikes.

Reasons why he left you on read

Men might ignore messages for a number of reasons. Some have been revealed below.

  • This man might be swamped with work and has zero opportunities to text you.
  • He doesn’t know what to do or say
  • If you have sent him an insulting or provocative message, he might choose to stay away by not replying.
  • He is not comfortable chatting with you.
  • Some men detest punching keypads.
  • He is not ready to sacrifice for you.
  • You use a lot of abbreviations and he doesn’t know what they mean.
  • He forgot to reply to you earlier and doesn’t want to say sorry because of his ego.
  • Also, most people prefer to talk over the phone. Maybe the message you sent is one he would rather discuss by phone rather than via text.

Can I make him stop leaving me on read?

You can make him stop this attitude if he is not doing it intentionally. But if you are not his priority you can’t make him stop. Here are some ways to help him change.

Mention how you feel to him and let him know it bugs you. Let him know how that attitude hurts your feelings and he should try to leave quick responses, even if he is busy.

You can also change the way you text. You can send him a direct message that is easy and quick to reply to.

Don’t send too many texts at once especially when he is at work and might not have the time to reply. Send simple and sweet messages and not too many at once.

Ask him to make time to reply to you. And let him set a specific time of the day to check his phone and reply to your message to ease your worry.

Make checking social media fun for him. He will look forward to checking your message when you send him funny memes or videos.

A person leaving you on read does not imply that you aren’t interested or that the fault lies with you. You need to look for someone else or something else to keep you occupied. This will stop you from sulking over the fact that your message was left on read.

To sum up

No one likes it when their partner disregards them, especially for a long time. When people are ignored, they become confused about the situation. Talk to your partner when he ignores you.

If you do, you will find out his reasons. You can also use the opportunity to express how you feel about his attitude so he can change.

I believe this article has been able to explain “What to say when someone leaves you on read?” Don’t forget to drop a comment before leaving.

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