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15 Blunt Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

15 Blunt Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

After a bad relationship patch and we find out we’ve been blocked by someone who we once held dearly, it can leave a sour taste in our mouth. This can then make us try to find out reasons why a guy would block you. Most times, a guy might block you because his feelings are way too intense for you or he is not sure of his feelings for you. He might also block you to be able to put things into perspective. But most times, he is blocking you because he no longer cares for you.

15 Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You.

1. He is angry with you: 

This is one of the most common reasons and probably the simplest to identify when a guy blocks you for no reason. He is probably mad at something you did or even mad at something he did. Blocking you is a way for him to send a clear message and also a way for him to get some space to sort out his feelings.

2. He has a girlfriend: 

If a guy who is just your friend blocks you, then maybe he has a girlfriend, and to avoid the temptation, he resolves to block you to avoid further contact. His girlfriend might be extremely jealous and to assure her nothing is going on, he may block you.

3. You are getting too aggressive:

A guy may block you because he feels you are doing too much and he doesn’t know how to let you know. You may be all over him, stalking his social media, commenting on his pages, tagging him on all your posts. This type of aggressive behavior may be too much for him to handle, so at the end of the day, he might just block you hoping you get the message.

4. His feelings for you are strong:  

If you are just friends with him, he might block you. If he realizes that he has strong feelings for you but you are already in a relationship, blocking you may be the only way of trying to get you out of his mind.

5. He is no longer into you: 

When a guy blocks you, it may mean that he is no longer into you. And this is a way of sending a clear message to you. Blocking you is his way of making a strong statement to you that he has moved on and that you should too.

6. You offended him with your comment: 

Another reason a guy could block you on social media maybe because he found your comment offensive, and blocking you is an easy way of letting you know.

7. He is trying to take control: 

If a guy feels you have all the control in your relationship and you are not willing to relinquish it, he may block you as a form of power move to let you know who the boss is. This move most times are made by narcissists who want to play mind games with you. If he is always blocking you for no reason, then you should just let him be.

8. He is confused: 

He might be feeling confused about how he feels for you. And he might not be so sure of his feelings for you. He also could be confused about what to do about his feelings for you, especially if you guys are still pals. If he blocks you, he may have time to regroup and get hold of his feelings for you.

9. He is not into you romantically: 

You might tell a guy that you like him, in a romantic sense, but he is not feeling you that way. He may block you just to avoid having to turn you down by himself. Or he also does not want you stalking him so, blocking you may be the easiest thing to do.

10. He is waiting for you to apologize: 

You may have hurt his feelings and you are refusing to apologize for it. Blocking you is his way of getting you to apologize for your wrongs. By blocking you, he is minimizing conversations. Blocking you is a way of letting you know you have to apologize. Also this way, you have to be the one to initiate further conversation.

11. He wants space after a breakup: 

If he is your ex, he may just simply want space to move on from you after your relationship ended, and having you all up in his face may make moving on a little bit difficult for him. Blocking you means he no longer wants you in his life and he just wants space to heal properly.

12. Someone asked him to block you: 

His girlfriend may be feeling insecure. She might be the one that is trying to influence his decision where you are concerned. It could also be that outside influences are pressuring him to block you because they feel that the relationship is not good for his mental health.

13.  He needs time and space: 

The reason he may be blocking you is that he needs more time away from you, and having you on his social media is not giving him the space he needs. And always seeing you online or all up in his business may be playing with his emotions. Blocking you to get space may be for the best.

14. He did it on a whim: 

He may have reacted impulsively, like in the heat of the moment, he may be reacting to his jealousy or his anger at that particular time. The fact that he blocked you may not be a serious thing.

15. He did it mistakenly: 

Blocking you might just be a simple honest mistake that he is not even aware of. But at the same time, you should have it at the back of your mind that this may not be the case and that he may just be using it as an excuse when you ask him about it.

If he likes me, why did he block me everywhere?

The reason why a guy who likes you might block you may be because he is trying to protect himself. You may be married, in a committed relationship, or you guys can be casual friends but he is aware you are not feeling him that way. This can make him block you to protect himself from heartache.

A guy can also block you just to prove a point. You guys may have gotten into a fight and blocking you is his only way of making you angry and hurt which is most likely the same way he is feeling too. After you guys makeup, he may unblock you.

Another reason a guy may block you if he likes you may be because you are not good for him or you keep hurting him, so to protect himself he may just block you to have peace of mind.

Another reason a guy who likes you may block you is so that he can have control over you. This is a way of trying to manipulate you, narcissistic people tend to do this a lot as of way of gaining the upper hand in a relationship.

What does it mean when a guy blocks you?

A guy might block you for various reasons, he might block you because he is confused about how he feels about you. He might block you because he is in a committed relationship and doesn’t want to cross the line. Sometimes, blocking you may mean that he is angry with you and he is not in the right frame of mind to talk to you just yet. It may also mean that he is tired of the back and forth happening between you guys and he just wants space to get his emotions together.

What to do when a guy blocks you.

When a guy blocks you the best thing to do is to give him space. Let him take all the time he needs to sort himself out. Instead of focusing on why he blocked you, you can focus on the other things that are going well for you right now. After a while, if you have to or you are curious about why he blocked you, you can reach out to him and try finding out the reason for his actions.

Another course of action will be to immediately block him back, so whenever he decides to unblock you he will realize you blocked him too. Also, you can use your friend’s account to stalk him, especially if you guys are dating. He may be doing something shady and that is the reason why he blocked you. If you care about him you can try talking to his friends so you understand his motives and be able to know what to do next.

Move on, yes, moving on is another option you should consider. This is because trying to make out or understand why he blocked you may just be you unintentionally causing yourself more pain.

How do guys feel when they are blocked?

Guys may feel confused and bewildered when they discover that you blocked them. Let’s remember this most times these things that get you angry may not be done intentionally and they may not even know you are mad at them, so he may feel surprised when he discovered that you blocked him, sometimes he may be embarrassed that you blocked him on social media, such a thing might get him angry and mess with his mind.

Is blocking disrespectful?

I don’t think blocking is disrespectful, especially if you feel unsafe or you are being disrespected. If he is harassing you and stalking you, then the answer is no. It is within your right to block the person, so it is not disrespectful to block someone if it’s for your peace of mind and well-being.

Why are they blocking and unblocking? 

Most times, the reason he is blocking and unblocking you is just to mess with your emotions, especially if he is your ex is to see if you have moved. If you guys are just friends, it may be that he is developing feelings for you and doesn’t want to let you know, so he may just be blocking to get some clarity about his feelings.

Can you block someone who blocked you?

Yes, you can block someone that blocks you, especially on social media platforms like Twitter.

Once he blocks me, is it over for good?

The answer to that question depends on what happened between the two of you. Did you guys fight, did you break up or is he just acting childishly to hurt you? If your breakup was the reason why he blocked you, it may be over for good. But if the reason he blocked is that he needs space and time to sort out his emotions, then he may likely come back to you.


If a guy blocks you, it’s not the end of the world. To be frank, you can just use the opportunity to work on yourself and better yourself. But if you are curious, you can look out for the sign above and see if any of them happened before or after he blocked you.

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