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20 Major Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You if He Likes You

20 Major Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You if He Likes You

When a guy rejects you can get confused, sad, and feel worthless and unworthy. Most times the reason is something that has to do with them.

The most confusing part about this is that a guy can reject you but still gives you his attention and still wants to be friends with you.

This can even put you in a more confusing state where you don’t know what to believe. You feel like you are not good enough but if you are not good enough why can’t he leave you alone?

This article will help you solve the puzzle in your head and show you all the likely reasons why a guy would reject you if he likes you.


20 major reasons why a guy would reject you if he likes you

When the guy that likes you rejects you, one thing you should keep in mind is that in most cases it’s mostly something to do with them than you but sometimes it can also be from you.

So you should try to look at every possible reason we are going to list below to know what might have made him reject you.

1. Your attitude towards money

One thing that can make a guy turn you down even when he likes you is your attitude towards money and material things.

Most guys are not prudent in spending so they want a girl that can help them save money, not someone that have her eyes on every flashy thing she sees.

This can scare a guy away because he thinks you are too materialistic and he might not be able to take care of you so even if he likes you so much he is going to turn you down. 

2. He does not feel a connection 

You guys might be best of friends and you feel like he is everything you wanted but it might not be the same for him. He might like your company but he still feels that something is missing.

He might not be able to put a name on it but he will know that you are not completely what he what’s so he will reject having a relationship with you and just place you in the friend zone.

3. He is a flirt 

If a guy is just into flirting with you, he is going to disappear when you start looking for something serious because he enjoys being just friends with benefits.

This is not your fault and you should be happy he left and not lead you on just to keep having sex with you because that would even hurt you more.

4. You are too needy 

If you are a needy person it could be the reason why he rejected you.

A guy can push you away when you are too clingy and choke him. No matter how much you want to talk to a guy you should avoid doing too much because this might kill the guy’s interest in wanting a relationship with you. 

5. He is not ready for a relationship 

Unfortunately, he might like you but not want to date you at that particular time because he is not ready for a relationship.

Him rejecting you because of this might be better for you because if someone not ready for a relationship enters into one it’s going to look like you are dating yourself when you date them.

6. He has unresolved feelings for someone else

A guy who still has feelings for his ex or someone else might turn you down when you ask for a relationship because they might like you but the feelings they are still nursing for someone else won’t let them develop emotional feelings for you.

7. He has a girlfriend 

A guy might be in another relationship that you are not aware of but he enjoys your company and likes you as a friend so when you start to demand something serious he is going to turn you down. 

8. You are too eager to date him

Desperation can make a guy push you away if you appear too eager to date. You don’t even care to think slowly or follow due process.

The guy might push you away because it would be like you are rushing everything on him. Even when a guy likes you, if he sees you are taking things too fast he is going to start to back out.

9. He does not like you

A guy being nice and caring to you may not always mean he has feelings for you. So he might be rejecting you because he does not really like you as you think.

10. You appear to still have feelings for someone else 

If a guy senses that your heart still beats for someone else or you are like another guy they might reject having or trying to have a relationship with you. No guy would be willing to go into a battle they might lose

So It would be safer for them to stay away. If you have a guy you would like to have a relationship with you should mind how you talk about your ex or other guys around him.

11. You are not his type

We all have the kind of people we want to have a relationship with already in our heads something that we call “spec” Your spec is usually chosen based on your preferred opposite sex physical and intellectual attributes.

So if you are not a guy’s spec he might not like to have a relationship with you even if he likes other things about you.

12. Too many male friends 

Some guys tend to avoid girls that keep too many male friends because they might be feeling you might start cheating with any of them.

This one is on him because it is no crime to keep male friends but some guys get jealous and insecure when they see you with too many male friends.

13. You both see life too differently 

If you both see life in a completely different way, it’s going to be very hard for anything to happen between you too.

A guy is likely to reject you if you both have different religious, political, and social views. 

14. He has low self-esteem

A guy can turn you down if he thinks too little of himself. He can like you but think he is not good enough for you.

He can’t even summon the courage to tell you about feelings because he thinks you can’t even like someone like him and you are going to reject him.

15. You are too negative

Negativity is one thing that can push anybody away from you. In a world of too much sadness, happiness what most people want is someone that can help them see the positive side even in negative situations.

If you always see the bad side in situations it can make a man run from you but there are men there who can stick with you but you have to work more on being positive.

16. He doesn’t see a future with you

Sometimes when we meet people our instinct can tell us we have or have no future with them. If a man does not see you in his future he might end up rejecting you.

17. Too independent 

A man needs a woman that would not be too needy but also not be too independent. I know now you are wondering what these men want Lol! Well men need a woman that can make them feel like a man and they can’t do without them

If you need help with some heavy pushing or anything that has to do with a man’s job even the ones you can do yourself you should call him this would make him feel better about himself 

If you are the extreme independent type it might be the reason he rejected you.

18. It does not think you are intelligent enough

Sometimes a man can turn a woman down when they are not up to their intellectual level. Men think what most women have to offer is just a pretty face and body.

If you are that type of woman, intelligent men are going to turn you down.

19. He is afraid of hurting you

This is a good thing. A guy might reject you because he knows when he does date you it’s not going to treat you right.

So it’s better for him to love you from afar in this case the guy would want to work on himself before coming for you.

20. He fears commitment 

Someone who has commitment issues will always run away from a serious relationship. If a man fears commitment but likes you he is surely going to come back because he will also be afraid of losing you.

What you do when a guy you like rejects you

The best thing to do when a guy you like, rejects you, is to take some time and look at what might have caused the rejection no matter how sad you might feel or how it might have affected your self-esteem.

You should sit and see if what happened was your fault. If it is, you try to change maybe then he can come back to you but if it is something you can’t change you can decide to forget about him and move on with your life. 

Most times, the reason for the rejection might be something about him so don’t beat yourself, work on yourself, grow up, do things that help you forget, make new friends, and try to fall in love with someone that values you.

How to know a guy likes you

A man and woman having a good time together.

Sometimes knowing if a guy likes you can be really difficult to read. Here are different ways to know a guy truly likes you

1. He is overly nice and caring to you 

This is one way to know a nice you. He shows you more care than he shows other people. 

2. He remembers every little detail about you

If someone does not care so much about you, they would not keep your head in your heart. So when he always remembers everything you tell him then that’s a sign he likes you so much. 

3. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

Jealousy is also a sign of deep feelings for you. If he is always jealous when he sees you with other guys then he might like you. 

4. He drops hints that he likes you

A guy who likes you will tell you even when he is shy and can go direct he would drop hint maybe say it stylishly or jokingly. 

5. He gets you a gift without you asking

Someone who gets you gifts without you asking might be trying to tell you he likes you so much. He knows what to get, which means he knows what you like he get you gifts all the time to put smiles on your face.

6. He is nervous around you

Guys put lots of pressure on themselves when they like someone. They try to be their best when they are around and being very conscious of themselves makes them nervous.

7. He is always touchy

If he can’t get his hands off you then it might be a sign he likes you. Although, when a guy starts to touch you in uncomfortable places it means he might not like you genuinely.

But when he always wants to hold your hands in public, hug you, rest his head on you, then he likes you for real.

8. He seeks your advice 

If he always seeks your advice then he holds you in high esteem and that is a sign of love. He wants to impress you so he can’t do things without your approval because he wants to be the best for you and do things that you agree with.

9. He gives you the attention and always asks questions about you.

Attention is one major sign to know a guy likes you. If he is always there and always wants to know-how are doing and what’s going on in your life then he truly cares about you.

How to know he is about rejecting you

When a man is rejecting you It can be unclear for you to notice you will have to put him to several texts before you can be sure he is rejecting you if he shows any of the signs of rejection listed below:

1. Too busy

Though a man naturally can be busy and able to talk to you if it happens all the time and he does not get back to you after telling you he was busy then he is pushing you away.

2. They talk about other girls in your presence 

A man can use this method to tell you he is not interested in you. If you guys are not in a relationship yet but you like and he starts talking about other girls then you should look for love elsewhere.

3. They are always unable to come to see you

When a guy is always too busy, makes plans but never shows up, never comes to see you, or when they come they are always in a hurry to live which means they are no longer interested in you.

4. They say they are not ready for a relationship 

When they say this they are trying to drop hints that they don’t want a relationship with you so you can go look for someone else when a guy you like always tells you this then it’s time you should go search for love elsewhere.

5. They are not interested in talking to you even if they are online on socials, they reply to you late.

Are they online, but not texting you, and when you ask why they say they were busy but they are online. A guy who truly wants you online won’t do that to you so that’s a sign that he is rejecting you..

How to act in front of a guy who rejected you

Though rejection can feel like a personal attack, and make you hate the guy. It’s not right you have to try to be friends with him and let him know you accept with a good date the fate that you can’t have a relationship.

But if you notice that being his friend makes your feelings for him stronger you have to give him space but anytime he texts or bumps into you talk to him in a friendly manner. 

How to make a guy uninterested, interested

The best way to make a guy who was once uninterested in you interested is to work on yourself. Guys are very quick to regret rejecting a girl especially when they find out how impressive she had worked on herself.

This can make them start having interest and running back to you.

Should you still be friends with a guy who rejected you?

Yes, you can still be friends with a guy who rejected you. The fact someone does not want a relationship with you does not make you enemies.

But for the sake of your mental health, it is advisable to be distant friends with a guy who rejected you.

How long does it take to get over a guy who rejected you?

It can take from weeks to months or even years depending on how fast you are ready to move on with your life. Some guys can try to trap you in that state of always wanting them when they see that you are moving on.

They try to reconnect with you but still does not want a relationship with you in this case you should cut them off because you are going to get stuck on the rejection for a very long time if you don’t. 

What it means when a guy likes you but doesn’t want a relationship

A guy who likes you but doesn’t want a relationship with you might likely have placed you in the friend zone or want you as just friends with benefits.

If a guy likes you and doesn’t want a relationship yet he might be trying to take things slowly so he can fix things around him.

After he rejects you when he likes you, can he change his mind?

Yes, a guy can change his mind after rejecting you. This depends on the reason for not wanting a relationship with you in the first place. If it’s something that it’s no longer there he can change his mind and come back for you.

How to make him regret not choosing you

Though it is very common for guys to regret not choosing a girl they are several ways you can make this happen fast: 

1. Work on your appearance

This is a very quick and effective way to make a regret not choosing you. When you work on your looks, glow up is going to start to realize what he is missing.

2. Make new friends

Moving on with your life and making new friends is another way to make him regret it.

When a guy pushes you away he expects you to be the sad crying girl who is begging for him to accept you but when you move on so fast he starts to realize what a girl he had lost.

3. Do not send nasty texts to him

No matter how bad the rejection might have made you feel, you should never start sending him nasty texts. That would make him even think that you can’t do without and even treat you more worthless.

4. Don’t do anything that would make him feel you miss him.

Even when you miss him so much, never make him know. Act like you don’t even think about him anymore.

The fact that he feels you have erased him from your life will make him start missing you. Because even though he rejected you he enjoyed some things you did for him.

5. Get your story straight

whenever you meet and start asking questions, tell him things that would make him feel you have completely moved on.

6. Be friendly with him but limit direct contact

Guys usually believe girls use anger to show they still miss you when you offend them. So instead of trying to act like you guys are now enemies be friendly with him but limit how often you contact him.

7. Act like you don’t care even if you have to fake it.

Even when you are friendly to him, to show him the kind of care you use to show him before he rejected you. If he tells something bad happened to him act concerned but not too concerned that would make him start to miss how you cared for him.

8. Find Out

Try to find out why you are so bothered he rejected you this will help you find peace within yourself.

9. Fun memories

Create new moments and show them off on social media in any way you can: A guy regrets not choosing you when they find out how happy you are without them. 

Unless you did something bad that turned off his interest for you, you should not make yourself go through extra pain after rejection by beating yourself over it. When it happens, you see if it’s something you did and you try to change it, if it’s not, kindly move on with your life. 

Rejection is painful but you should always put it at the back of your mind that you can’t always get everything or everyone you want.

I hope this article has helped you feel better and answer all your questions about why a guy rejects you even if he likes you.

Goodluck Queen!

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