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Why Do Cosmetics Need to Be Bagged for Fumigation?

Why Do Cosmetics Need to Be Bagged for Fumigation?

A lot of people ask and want answers to “Do cosmetics need to be bagged for fumigation?” Let us start with the definition of fumigation. Fumigation is the use of chemicals or preservatives to get off pests like insects, rats, etc. in a confined space. During this process, most properties that are consumable by people are sealed or protected. Even our cosmetics need to be bagged too.

Fumigation is an essential process that must be carried out if you want to have a wonderful and pest-free home. Fumigation can affect items that are consumable by humans, it is however important that we protect our food, water, medication, etc.

A gas chemical known as vitae or Sulfuryl fluoride is used during fumigation. It is a colorless and odorless gas. This gas chemical causes nose and throat discomfort as well as nausea. It can cause drowsiness and convulsion at high doses. Fumigation gases or substances I used during fumigation are very harmful and toxic to both humans and other animals etc.

They can come before, during, or after fumigation. Everyone who uses them should be aware of their harmful effects and get precautions when necessary because moderate inhalation can cause vomiting, chest pain, weakness, difficulty in breathing, etc while excess inhalation can cause fluids in the lungs. Another question that needs to be answered is what items need to be bagged during fumigation?

Is it necessary to bag cosmetics during fumigation?

Bagging cosmetics during fumigation is not a must. This is because some of these cosmetics are in a container or bottle already.

So you just have to close them tightly or seal them properly, but if a particular cosmetic or makeup item is exposed, it is better to seal or cover them properly or remove them from the building that is fumigated. 

The vintage gas or Sulfuryl fluoride gas is not too harmful when it comes in contact with the exposed cosmetic but it is still advisable to cover all exposed cosmetics because safety is a top priority. 

Fumigation might take up to three days or more if the house is big, in this case, it is better to remove the cosmetics you are going to need during the fumigation process because you won’t be allowed to enter the fumigated area or premises during or after the process. Until the gas is put off the air and the house is fully conducive. 

The question of ‘do cosmetics need to be bagged during fumigation?’ depends on the kind of cosmetics. If the cosmetics are in a container then you just need to seal it tightly and cover it properly. But if it is a product that is exposed then bagging is important during fumigation.

Should I bag my shampoo for fumigation?

When it comes to makeup like shampoo, skin sanitizers, and lotions, they do not need to be removed or bagged because they are not exposed. They are contained inside a container or a tube and hence the only thing that is needed is to make sure they are tightly sealed and covered properly. Also, the gas that is used for fumigation is odorless and does not leave any form of residue. 

There can’t be any form of chemical reaction with these cosmetics that can produce harmful or toxic effects when used.

Can I still use my cosmetics after it was left in a room that was fumigated?

Yes. You can use a cosmetic that was left in a room that was fumigated as long as the particular cosmetic was well sealed and covered in a container.

The fumigants are odorless and do not leave any residue that can cause a chemical reaction with the product.

Therefore, any cosmetic that was sealed well is safe to use and will have no side effects.

How to bag cosmetics and makeup during fumigation:

Food items, medications, and tobacco products should be locked in glass, plastic, or cans or taken away from the building. Our cosmetics also need to be bagged. Here are a few steps in bagging our cosmetics and makeup during fumigation.

i. Look for empty clean bags or wash bags that you intend to put the cosmetics inside.

ii. Make sure that the cosmetics are tightly sealed or covered before you put them inside these bags.

iii. Seal the bags entirely at the top or you can use tape to deal with the bag.

iv. You can check the bag to make sure it is clearly and neatly sealed and not leaking.


Fumigation is an important process that must be carried out, especially if there is a pest outbreak, be it insects or rodents. 

However, the gas used for fumigation can be harmful to both humans and other animals and these must be avoided because of the severe side effects.

Items such as food, water, medicines, etc must be considered properly so that they don’t become poisonous to humans when consumed.  This is also applicable to our cosmetics, especially cosmetics that are exposed and are not sealed or covered. It is advisable to cover them and seal them properly or remove them from such premises if we plan to use them in the future. So the question of ‘do cosmetics need to be bagged for fumigation’ has been answered in this article.

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