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25 Reasons Why Guys Play Games

25 Reasons Why Guys Play Games

It is a very bad situation when the man in the relationship becomes manipulative and deceptive to his partner by lying or blackmailing her emotionally. It becomes befuddling and then brings the question: Why do guys play games?

Dating is supposed to be a beautiful coming-together where people are in love and they care for each other, but when one partner begins to toy or play games with their partner or another woman, it could become a tumultuous box to be in.

Men who play games most times irk a lot of people; insecurity and selfishness are part of the reasons why those types of men play games.

They are good at hiding the fact that they are playing games and can be very good liars, they know how to tell a lie and make it look like the truth.

They like to be in total control of the relationship and they don’t mind manipulating their way to achieve their goal.

Good guys on the other hand that doesn’t play games don’t need to say it, their actions speak for them and they are not manipulative.

Why do guys play games? 25 Reasons why

Every guy that plays games with his woman’s emotions has his reason. But they do have one thing in common, they want to be in control. Here are other reasons why guys like to play games.

1. He is not into you:

He doesn’t care about your emotions or feelings. Such a man does whatever he feels is good for him and doesn’t care how you feel or react to it. He continues doing this until he has had enough of you.

2. You don’t know what you want:

If you come off as a lady that will accept anyone enveloped by a gross or ridiculous behavior, you might be played by a player. From the start, it was clear that you do not know what you want from a man and will accept any one that comes your way.

3. Selfishness:

Some men don’t mind manipulating their way to get what they want from a woman. Such men are insecure and have a problem entering a healthy relationship. Their needs are always: money, gifts, or sex.

4. He isn’t interested in anything serious:

He knows you love and care for him too much and he is not looking for something serious. He’s still around you because he is enjoying the benefits that come with the relationship.

5. He is insecure:

Some of the men who play games are deeply insecure. They don’t believe that anybody can love them genuinely, so they play games to console themselves.

6. He was played by a lady in the past:

When it comes to games, men and women play games. A man can be played by a lady. Once this happens, the man might find it difficult to love another woman. So he starts playing games with other women in the form of revenge.

7. He learned it:

Maybe he learned from his friends or other places, he sees them doing it and enjoying it then he tries to fit in the circle.

8. He has another woman:

Another reason why guys play games is that some of them have other women they are dating secretly. He might be playing games with you because he has another lover from whom he also gets all the sweetness.

9. He isn’t mature enough:

Men who play games aren’t men but boys, because playing games with their partners is immature and juvenile. Real men respect themselves and don’t play games.

10. He isn’t sure about you:

He is not sure about you in the sense that he doesn’t know what you feel about him, so he’s testing this behavior to see your reaction.

11. He suffers from low self-esteem:

They suffer from low self-esteem and he needs your validation for his looks and desire. He enjoys doing it because of your reaction to his behavior.

12. He does it to massage his ego:

A man can be playing games because of his egocentric nature. They like when their partner is worried about them and chase them.

13. He just wants sex:

Some men who play games are just so keen on what they stand to gain especially when it comes to sex. They feel getting involved with numerous girls will satisfy them sexually.

14. Test your loyalty:

Sometimes he is doing it as a trick just to test his partner’s loyalty, he wants to know if you are serious about him and if you truly care.

15. He sees you as a challenge:

Some men play games just to impress a woman. They enjoy the process and once the process is complete and the woman is impressed, they will show no interest in the woman.

16. He wants to dominate:

Some men who play mind games like dominating their relationships. They will like to control their partner’s life.

17. He wants you to chase him:

He desires you to chase him, he wants you to miss him and follow him, and that gives him satisfaction.

18. For fun:

Most men who play games just do it because they want to derive pleasure from every girl they lay with. They derive fun in destroying a woman’s peace of mind.

19. They like to manipulate:

Some men like to manipulate their ways into meeting their own needs. They don’t care if you are affected, they just want to play the manipulative game with you.

20. He does it because it is a hobby:

He enjoys playing games from one woman to another. It gives him great satisfaction to the extent that he has seen and taken it as a hobby.

21. To brag:

Bragging is one of the reasons guys play games. They want to be seen as an alpha male. They want to boast to their friends that they have all that it takes to have any kind of woman at their Beck and call.

22. It’s a form of revenge:

Maybe the lady he is dating or dated did him badly, so he is now using the opportunity of playing games with other ladies to take revenge on them.

23. He does it because it is what he does:

He doesn’t know how to love a woman genuinely and he finds it so hard to be loyal to one woman which makes him get uninvolved with other women by playing around.

24. He is a cheat:

A cheater always finds himself in multiple situation-ships. They don’t want you to blow their cover. He toys with you so that your mind would be distracted.

25. It gives him joy:

He derives fun and joy from engaging himself in playing around. He doesn’t care if you are affected or not, all that he is after is his happiness.

How to know if a guy is playing games?

Here are a few tips that show when a guy is playing games with you.

1. He hides you:

If you guys have been dating for quite some time but he hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family, it means he is playing games with you, or, if he introduces you as just his friend instead of a girlfriend.

2. He doesn’t fulfill his promise:

He makes promises he can’t keep. The man has promised to take you on a vacation but as soon as he gets what he wants, he will not fulfill his promise. If he does this frequently, it is a sign he is playing games.

3. He constantly has mood swings:

He is either sad today or he doesn’t want to talk tomorrow. The man hardly has a normal day with you. He hardly smiles or makes jokes with you.

4. He shows up when you’re needed:

If he doesn’t need you or your assistance, he won’t be available. But in a situation whereby he needs your help or your presence that would be beneficial to him, he would be available.

This is a sign that he is playing games with your emotions which can push you to the point where you begin to ask “why do guys play games?”

How to act when you meet a guy that plays games

You must have encountered guys who play games or experiencing such at the moment. We will be giving you tips on how to handle such a situation.

i. Avoid him.

ii. Turn him down.

iii. Ask him questions.

iv. Don’t believe everything he says.

Do guys truly play games?

Yes. Guys play games but for different reasons that vary from person to person. A lot of men play games and some good people do not understand it. We’ve taken out time to explain why in this article.

Differences between guys who play games and guys who don’t

Guys who play games pretend to be good and caring with no intention to hurt you. They claim they don’t play games, they act loyal but they are the best players around.

While the guys that don’t play games don’t need to say “they don’t play games”, their actions speak for them, the lady will feel the love and care.

So basically their actions differentiate them. Good guys genuinely care a lot about you and are always there for you while players do not care or want to see you grow.

Is it a sign of insecurity when guys play games?

Yes. It is a sign of insecurity when a guy plays mind games. They blame you for everything or anytime a misunderstanding comes up.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to have an issue with them, a little disagreement with another person will make them blame you without hearing the full story.

Do guys who play games regret it at the end?

It goes both ways because some guys that play games later regret it, especially if their partner was a good lady and didn’t deserve the treatment he gave to her.

How to spot a guy who plays games?

Guys who play games do not carry a sign on their neck that says “I am a player” They are difficult to fish out but here are some signs that show he is a player:

i. He has a lot of beautiful female friends.

ii. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or the family.

iii. He keeps his phone away from you.

iv. He doesn’t talk about the future with you.

v. He blocked you on all his social media handles.

vi. He goes out at night without telling you.

vii. He doesn’t let you visit unless he permits you.

How do you cut off a guy who is playing games?

When you realize a guy is playing games with you and you have tried everything to stop him from the act but he still does it, the best thing is to cut ties with him. Here are a few steps that can help:

i. Avoid any form of contact with him.

ii. Stay away or get rid of anything that reminds you of him.

iii. Date other men.

iv. Talk to people about it. (People that can help.)

How do you make a man not play you?

This is difficult especially if you have fallen in love with him but you have to give yourself that respect you deserve. There are a few tips on how to make a man not play you:

i. Don’t give him attention all the time.

ii. Do not have sex with him.

iii. If he doesn’t text you for a while, do not text him too.

iv. Flirt with other guys.

v. Learn to have fun without him.

vi. Keep him in suspense.

How do you know you’ve been played?

If you are doubting that your boyfriend is playing you or you are not yet convinced that he is playing you, here are a few signs that show he is playing you.

i. He doesn’t consider your opinions or suggestions on anything.

ii. He doesn’t make time for you.

iii. He doesn’t keep to his promises.

iv. He doesn’t let you touch his phone.

v. He is always right and you are always wrong.


Not all the men that come into your life are players. Some have good intentions. But then, it is hard to know who has pure intentions and who doesn’t, which leads to the question: “Why do guys play games?” Each player with his reason. But you as the lady should not ignore some warning signs when you see it and when you can’t change him, cut him off.

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