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Why He Calls You Baby

Why He Calls You Baby

Do you have a very close male friend who is so caring to you and calls you baby? This puts you in a state of dilemma, right? You begin to overthink especially when you are beginning to have feelings for him and when he calls you that pet name. And you start to wonder, what he means when he calls you baby? Does it mean he has feelings for me or he just calls every girl baby like it’s nothing to him? 

Well, my darling he may be in love with you or he may not. Let’s take a look at some undeniable reasons he might be calling you baby.

10 Undeniable reasons he calls you baby

1. If he calls every girl baby

Baby can be a romantic word but sometimes it can also be a very serious red flag, especially coming from a stranger. It is obvious that the word ‘baby’ does not mean anything to him at this point.

He is simply calling you that, either to sleep with you or for another selfish reason particularly known to him. A guy who calls someone he barely knows a pet name is nothing far from a player. 

A responsible guy would not call you baby immediately; he would at least wait to get to know you first. 

2. He is interested in you

If you guys are already friends and he starts calling you baby along the course of your friendship, he might be trying to show his interest in you in a flirtatious way.

He might not want to outrightly say it to you, he just calls you pet names to drop hints. Before you can be sure if his interest is pure you have to know what type it is. Is it just to sleep with you or does he have genuine feelings for you?

You watch out for other things he does while he calls you baby. His touch and text will tell a lot.

3. He wants to make you feel special

When a guy gives you a special nickname like ‘baby’ it means that he wants to make you feel special and good in your skin. He may know you like pet names so he calls you ‘baby’. This feels more special when he rarely calls others ‘baby’.

4.  He is trying to tell his friends you guys are more than friends 

When a guy only calls you baby only when he is with his friends, it means he might be telling his friend a lot of negative stuff that might not be happening between you too, just to make himself feel like the real bad guy around his friends and feed his ego.

If he always does this I think it’s time you confront him about it. 

5. That is his way of complimenting you

If a guy calls you a pet name, he is probably just complimenting you and nothing more. Maybe you are dressed so fine, he can call you a pet name just to tell you how good you are looking.

When he compliments you like this there are high chances of him having feelings for you.

6.  He is simply in love with you

When he calls you a pet name over text or in person, there is a big chance that he is in love with you. 

If he calls you with other sweet pet names, cares for you, and give you so much attention he probably means he is in love with you

Why does he call you baby? -he may be in love with you

7. He is teasing you

He might just be teasing you. The way you react will determine if he will start having feelings for you or not.

He might already be having feelings for you.  He will try to see if calling you baby makes you feel good. That would give him a signal that you might  like him too

But if you don’t like him, just let him know that you don’t feel comfortable. I am sure he won’t repeat it after you tell him how you feel about it.

8. Wrong perception 

Some guys feel calling a girl ‘baby’ is an easy way for them to get between her legs. One major reason for them thinking this, might be because it may have worked for some other girl and so generally thinks it will work for every girl. 

If he is using this trick pay attention to how he treats you. If he appears like all he wants he just sex you have to stay away from him.

9. He accidentally calls you baby

He could just be something that always slips into his mouth.  Although it may be something his heart already wants to call you anytime, so, when he says it out loud, it comes in some form of shock.

10. It’s just a nickname

Baby could just be his nickname for you and nothing more. It might be he actually sees you as a baby because you act like that around him or you act like his baby sister or relative.

So darling you have some self-evaluation to do. Do you act like a baby or his baby?

How does it feel when a guy calls you baby when you are not in a relationship?

When a guy you are not dating calls you baby, the way you feel depends on who the guy is to you. If he is someone you just met at a party or random public place and all of a sudden while conversing he calls you pet names, like “baby”. Sis, trust me, that’s going to make you feel very irritated, even if you are someone that likes being called pet names.

But if he is someone you are already friends with and has feelings for, you are going to feel special when he calls you a pet name like that.

Moreover, if you just see him as a friend you are going to feel worried that he is catching feelings because it’s something you personally know you ain’t ready for. You can call him to order

Is it okay for him to call me baby when we are not in a relationship? 

We can’t say if it’s right, wrong, or okay for him to call you romantic pet names when you guys are not in a relationship. When he calls you baby you should look at subsequent actions from him. Whether he is just being flirtatious or being serious.

There are several reasons why him calling you baby is no big deal and also not too cool depending on the situation:

1. It helps him tell you he is interested in you

2. If he is someone you barely know he shows he is just trying to sleep with you.

3. It makes you feel good and comfortable in your skin whenever he calls you a pet name.

4. That may just be its way of referring to women so there is no big deal about it, 

5. If he calls you baby when he forgets your name then that’s okay if he does not do it all the time

6. If you are meeting him for the first time and he calls you a pet name then is simply just a flirt 

7. If you are the only one he calls sweet names then he is in love with you and trying to let you know.

At the end of the day though it depends on you. Is it something you like every Tom, Dick and Harry to address as? Do you only want to be called ‘baby’ by that special someone? Do you want your close male friend calling you baby when this could mean a lot of things or not.

What should be my response or reaction when he calls me his baby? 

When someone calls you a pet name it depends greatly on who the person is to you, how long you have known the person and where he calls you baby.

When your boyfriend calls you baby, it’s easier to react to because it makes you feel loved and you can easily say it back to him. You could compliment him with a smile or tell him you like the way he calls you sweet names. You can also call him a pet name you know he likes too.

If a stranger calls you with such a pet name, you should not rush to shut him out because you might not know his true intentions yet. He does not know your name so he may want something sweet to call you. You have to give him some iota of doubt.

Watch his reaction while he calls you baby. If he is inappropriately looking at you, that is when you should tell him you are not one of those easy girls. You can roll your eyes, give him an icy glare, look at him with a confused expression, shake your head and walk away or just simply tell him what your name is just to be clear. 

If he is a close friend and he calls you a pet name, especially for the first time, it might come as a surprise to you. So even when you feel shocked, don’t make him feel awkward about it. Especially if you have feelings that you have not talked to him about yet, you respond with a smile and try to compliment him too sometimes.

But if you only see him as a friend and you have sensed that him calling you baby is not just something ordinary, he wants something more with you and you don’t, you have to talk to him about it in a very calm & gentle manner. 

Is “baby” only meant for people in relationships? 

No, it’s not. Some people prefer to call someone they are close with pet names other than their real names. So it depends on your kind of relationship with the person, be it friendship, acquaintance or otherwise. If you too are cool with it and understand that there is nothing more to it, then calling each other pet names should make your friendship even more special as long as you don’t overdo it.

He calls me “babe” & “ baby”, do they mean the same thing?

No, they don’t mean the same thing. When he calls you babe it might just be he is just greeting you in a friendly way because this term is seen as a casual greeting and not strictly limited to romantic relationships.

If you are a couple, babe is thought to be a more “comfortable” word to throw around in front of family and other friends. 

“Baby” on the other hand is seen as a more intimate term because it sounds deeper than ‘babe’. When a guy calls you baby, he might be trying to say he is in love with you. He might even decide to use the two interchangeably to put things in check between you too.

It is very important to know that, no matter how it makes you feel you should not react to it immediately. Give it time to watch his efforts and persistence and try to see if his intentions are true or false before you react.

All the best darling!  

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