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Help! If He Likes Me, Why Is He Still Online Dating?

Help! If He Likes Me, Why Is He Still Online Dating?

You met this great guy and you both have been talking to each other, going out on dates, enjoying the company of each other. The more you know about him, the more you like what you see. But something still feels out of place to you, even though you think you guys are in a relationship or you guys are about to start one, he still checks dating apps and going on online dates, and you are confused and ponder on ‘If he likes me, why is he still online dating?’ There are a lot of reasons why he may still have his online dating profile and here are some of them:

15 Reasons why he is still online dating if he likes you.

1. Ego boost:

Some guys get a huge ego boost from having so many women on their online dating apps. So, they may find it difficult to let go of the connection to these women. They like the way this helps boost their ego even if the only intention is talking with other women and with no intention of dating them at all. Well, such a man who can’t let go of his ego to be with you even though he likes you might probably not be the right one for you.

2. You are not right for him:

You may feel that you guys are living well together and that he is the right person for you, but he may not feel the same way. So he may just be going on these online dates to be sure if you are the one he wants. He may like you but he is just keeping his options open.

3. He is not ready for anything serious:

It may be that he is not ready for anything serious with you just yet. He is just happy to hang around with you and get to know you better. He may have just left a serious relationship and not be ready to open up yet. It could also be that he is just a player who wants to have his cake and eat it too.

4. He can’t settle for one woman:

He is still online dating even when you feel he likes you might be because he just doesn’t know how to be monogamous. And he just enjoys the thrill of meeting different women and going on different dates with them.

5. He is not ready to want to commit:

He may be one of those men who are slow to commit to women. The man is just keeping his options open with you until he finds someone he is willing to commit to. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you; he just wants the option of finding someone who may be better than you in the long run.

6. You guys have not officially agreed to date:

Another reason he is still online dating is that you guys never formally agreed to date. It may just be you assuming he is committed to you. You guys need to talk about exclusivity before he can stop seeing other women.

7. It’s just a habit:

Another reason why he is still online dating is that he has cultivated the habit of checking this dating app just like he checks other social media apps daily. He may just be checking to see what is happening on the website not necessarily to check out other girls.

8. He is unsure of you:

Most times, guys keep going on dating apps after they meet the girls they like because he doesn’t know what she is thinking and he is not even sure if you are into him. So if he is still on dating apps, it may be because he is not sure of the current status of things between you two.

9. He is not really into you:

Another reason he may still be on dating apps is that he is just not that into you the way you think or feels he is. He may still be on these dating apps just to find the right person for him. So before you commit fully to a guy, ensure that he feels the same way about you.

10. He is insecure:

Insecurity may be another reason why he is still going on dating apps even though he likes you. He may not be sure if you are the right one for him and he’s feeling insecure when it comes to you; so he is willingly swiping dating profiles. But if he is finally ready to be with you, he would settle.

11. He just doesn’t like you that way:

It may be that he enjoys your company and wants to be friends with you and that is why he is still checking out dating apps to find the right person for him. So if he wants to be just a friend, don’t try to change his mind, because you may just end up being in a one-sided relationship.

12. He is taking things slow:

If you guys have not talked about being exclusive then you should not assume that he is committed to you. So he may just be taking things slowly and not wanting to rush. He doesn’t see anything wrong in checking dating apps if you guys are not exclusive.

13. He forgot to take down his profile:

Another reason you still see his profile is that he probably forgot to take down the profile. The profile may just still be up because he forgot the password, or maybe he was still checking out other people in the early days but now he no longer visits the app but he has not had the time to take it down yet.

14. He is not sure if it will work out with you:

Another reason why he is going on going on online dates even though he likes you might be that he is not sure if it will work out with you; he may just be looking for a backup plan to ensure he does not end up getting hurt if it doesn’t work out.

15. He wants to experiment:

A guy might like you but he is still going on online dates because he wants to try out new things. He wants to have fun with other people and most guys are just players who can’t seem to decide what they want.

Is using a dating app cheating?

Using dating apps when in a relationship is considered cheating. This is because cheating is not only having sex with another person. It also involves getting emotionally involved, or texting or checking up on someone on a dating platform is cheating. This is because dating apps are meant to find partners and using a dating app or several may be disrespectful to the supposed partners and it may show that you lack interest in your current partner.  

What to do if your boyfriend is still online dating.

If your man is still using online dating apps, you should be able to sit down and discuss with him, try to find out the issue, and ask him what exactly he is looking for on those apps, maybe you would be able to understand.

When you realize that your man is still using dating apps, you should be ready to walk away admit defeat and count it as a loss, this is because a man that still uses dating apps may not be really serious about you.

When you realize that your partner is still using dating apps, you need to process your feelings about it. You need to know if you guys are still in the getting to know each other stage or you guys are in a full-blown committed relationship before you know what to do about it.

When he is still on dating apps you need to realize that he may not be serious about you, so you need to talk to him about his feelings and his intention toward you so you can know where you stand.

He has a couple of online dating apps on his phone.

If your man has many dating apps on his phone, it means that he does not take you seriously, and he is looking to cheat on you. He wants to have fun and experiment with what is outside. He is also looking for attention, or he is loving all the attention he is getting from those dating apps.

Is my boyfriend disrespecting me by online dating?

If your boyfriend is still using online dating apps he is not only disrespecting you but he is also disrespecting your relationship. If a man respects you, he would not want to do anything that would cause you pain. And him constantly using an online dating app would not only cause you pain but it can make you feel disrespected and confused.

Should I trust him if he is still online dating?

If you met him on an online dating app and he is still using it after you guys are in a committed relationship then he cannot be trusted, even if he tells you that he is just going into the apps for fun. Let’s face it, even if he doesn’t cheat on you sexually, he may end up cheating on you emotionally. So it can be a bit difficult to trust him if he is still online dating. But at the same time, you can give him the benefit of doubt if he has not given you any reason not to trust him.

Can my boyfriend stop online dating? 

If your man loves you, he won’t have a difficult time stopping online dating. So yes he can stop if he loves you and he doesn’t want to hurt you. But on the other hand, if he doesn’t love you enough, he would not stop being on online dating apps because he wants to weigh his options and experiment with other women.

Should I give him time to stop?

Yes, you should give your man time to stop using apps, you should at least give him up to 3 to 4 months to stop using dating apps, this is because your relationship is still new and you don’t want to look like an over-possessive or jealous. But after this time frame and he does not stop using the dating apps, you can then talk to him about stopping.

How can I help him stop online dating?

You can help your man stop online dating by showing him how much his actions are hurting you and how disrespectful they are. You can also help him see you are committed and in it, for the long run, and as such, he does not need to go on online dating apps to search for someone better when he already has the best.

Can I marry a man who has so many dating apps on his phone?

Yes, it is okay to marry a man with many dating apps on his phone. This should only happen if he is willing to delete them and you trust him; if he has not given you a reason to distrust him or for you to think he is looking for dates, then yes it is okay to marry him. But if you find out he is not willing to take down his profile or he is asking other women out on dates, then you should not even consider marrying such a man.


Men are fickle creatures; so if he has a dating app on his phone, it might not mean he’s cheating or that he doesn’t love you. It might just be that he is used to having the app and it has turned into a daily habit that he is having a hard time letting go off. So if your man still uses dating apps, you can talk to him and try and get to the bottom of the issues. Hope we were able to help answer some of your questions. Please leave feedback for us in the comment section.

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