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Unraveling 18 Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

Unraveling 18 Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

Walking away is when you have to proceed from anything that is abusing or hurting you physically or emotionally even when you don’t want to. This can also make you discover why walking away is powerful in the long run. In a relationship, a time might come when you are expected to understand that you have to end things and walk away.

Some of the reasons why walking away is important include: Walking away increases your value, it makes you someone to be craved for, it shows that you’ve standard, it shows whoever you are walking away from that you are a challenge, it makes them miss you.

It is very important to know when to walk away and have the courage to walk away. If you really can see the need to walk away. This article will show you how and why.

18 Reasons why walking away is powerful

1. Your value increases by walking away: 

When you walk away, it makes your partner know that you value yourself so much not to allow any bad treatment from them. If you let people treat you the way they want, they are going to start taking you for granted. But if you shut the door at any sign of bad treatment, they are always going to value you. You teach people how to treat you. If you take nonsense, they are going to give you more. But when you don’t take it, they will know how to handle you.

2. It sends them a message that you only want them but don’t need them: 

In a relationship or any live setting, if people see that you can’t do without them, they are going to start taking you for granted. When you walk away, your partner is going to realize their mistake and know they wronged you.

3. It tells that you are strong:

Sometimes, clinginess can make your partner reduce the value he has for you. They will think you are weak and cannot do anything without them. And feel like they are the only reason why you have a happy life. When you walk away, they are going to realize how strong you are and how independent you can be, if you want to. They will know that you were only clingy because you love them.  Not because you are obsessed.

4. Walking away makes them fear you:

When you walk away when your partner hurts you, it’s going to come as a shock for them. And this is because they won’t think what they did was enough for you to leave them. This will make them fear you when you accept them. It’ll register fear in their heart and make them think twice before they hurt you again.

5. It makes them crave you:

I guess you know that feeling of wanting someone so bad when they are no longer in your life? That’s the feeling your partner is going to get when you leave them.

6. It saves you from an unhealthy relationship: 

If you can walk away from an abusive relationship on time, it saves you from staying in an unhealthy relationship which can be very detrimental to you.

7. It shows them that you have standards: 

If your partner feels that you are always going to forgive them no matter what they do to you, they are going to do the imaginable to you one day. So when you walk away anytime it looks like he’s taking you for granted, he is going to know you have standards. And won’t tolerate everything they throw at you.

8. It makes them realize how much he needs you: 

Sometimes, we discover the worth of things when they are no longer ours. Walking away might make your partner realize how much you mean to them. Maybe they loved you before but the fact that they thought you can’t leave makes them not value you again. So when you leave them, they are going to start missing you and know that they need you in their life more than they want.

9. It gives them space to realize their mistake: 

Sometimes, alone time is all your partner needs to realize how bad they have treated you. So when you leave them, it gives them that space to properly think. They might even be thinking that you were the one at fault but when you give them that space, it might make them admit to their wrong.

10. It makes them act:

Walking away does not just make him spot his mistake it also makes him want to change. Now that they have seen how important you are to them, in order not to lose you forever, they are going to work on the part of them that made you leave them.

11. It helps you end the relationship that was not made to last on time:

One reason why walking away is so powerful is that it makes you leave a relationship without a future. It saves you from wasting time. Sometimes, you can be in a relationship and things are not going well. Instead of quitting, you would be thinking of patience and this will make you collect their shenanigans. And at the end of the day, it still ends in tears. But if you walked away earlier enough you would not have wasted your time.

12. It makes them chase you:

This is especially for men. Men like to chase, they like to see you as something they always have to fight for. That’s why walking away is powerful. It makes him always fight for you. Men love things that are worth fighting for. If you are easy for them, they might end up not knowing your worth.

13. He makes them realize what they have lost: 

Just like you leaving him makes him realize that you mean so much to him. If he cannot get you back and sees how happy you are without him, he is going to realize what he has lost and start to try to get you back.

14. It shows them that you are a challenge: 

Sometimes, men and even women like challenges. They want the kind of partner that’s going to make it tough for them sometimes. So when you are the type that’s quick to always shut them out at the slightest mistreatment, they are going to see you as a challenge. This also can make your relationship interesting. You are ready to forgive them but they have to always be ready to apologize.

15. It makes them miss you: 

When they realize that you mean so much to them, they are going to start missing you. When we are in a relationship with people, we become so used to them being in our life. So when they cut us off we start to miss them.

16. It gives you space to think:

Your partner might be thinking that you are choking them. That might be the reason he is treating you in ways you don’t like. But when you leave him, he will have time to think. Maybe he thought he needed space, but you leaving them will make them know they need you more.

17.  Makes them love you:

Just like the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” When you leave them, it gives them the time to think about you more and cherish you more.

18. It makes them realize they don’t want to be alone:

Sometimes. your absence will teach your partner that they don’t want to be alone. Maybe when you are with them, they think that they need to be alone. But when you leave, they will realize they want you and don’t want to be alone.

Why walking away is important

Walking away is so important. Is not just walking away from a relationship, you can walk away from a family member or even a job that affects you negatively. Keeping your mental health sane is very important. That is why you have to learn to walk away from everything that affects your mental health. It is very important to be able to walk away from situations that don’t have an advantage to you but are rather detrimental.

When you know how to cut yourself off from negative situations or people, you would stop people from abusing you. People will respect you because they will realize that you know your worth. If you don’t learn to walk away on time, it can lead you to depression and even suicide. Because you have made yourself receive so much negativity than you can handle.

What does walking away do to a man?

Walking away from a man who is attached to you but taking you for granted will hurt his ego. He feels that he is in total control over you and can treat you anyhow he wishes. When you leave him, at first, he is going to feel like: She can’t do without me, she is going to come back. When he starts to see that he is losing you, he is going to start feeling bad. Sometimes, people enjoy the fact that they can control you and when they lose that power, it hurts seeing that you don’t care about them and they can’t even control you like they used to. 

Most men will realize their mistake and know that they have lost somebody that cared so much about them. 

Why for some other men, they might want to get you back to see if they can regain control over you again. That is why you have to be careful when you are reconciling with a man after shutting him off. The fact that a man is pleading to get back, might not mean that he has changed, he might just want to bring you back so he can control you again. And that will hurt you even more if you walk back in and end up receiving even worse treatment. So you have to be careful when going back to a man you walk away from.

Is it weak to walk away?

Sometimes strength is not measured by standing to fight. It is measured by knowing a fight that you will lose and walking away from it. If you decide to walk away from negativity, it does not mean you are weak. It means you are strong enough to be able to not allow someone else to destroy your life just by thinking you can work things out or you can make them change.  It’s all about your peace of mind. It’s better to walk away from negativity than to have thousands of sleepless nights because of it.

Do men commit if you walk away?

When you walk away from a man who won’t commit, he is only going to commit if he is in love with you. Walking away alone does not make a man want to commit. If he loves you enough he is going to commit because he does not want to lose you. But if his intention for you was not pure, even when you leave him, he is not going to think of taking things seriously between you. But leaving him will make you realize his true intentions, and give him space to know if he wants to put a stamp on things between you two. So, that’s why it is advisable to walk away when your man won’t commit.

When should you walk away when? 

You should walk away when:

  • They don’t respect you:

If you feel your partner does not respect your opinion, thoughts, or even your need. If they look down on you even in public and when you try to raise an opinion, they act like your view does not count, then it’s time to walk away.

  • The relationship has become toxic:

If you and your partner are gradually becoming enemies, it’s time to walk away. You don’t support each other, you are always fighting about something. That’s not a relationship you should be in.

  • They abuse you:

Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated in a relationship. It can have a very negative part on your mental health and lead you to depression.

  • They are cheating:

When your partner is cheating and lying about it. Or he doesn’t even see it like he did anything wrong. This can also lead to a lack of trust. He’s cheating on you without guilt because he feels you love him and isn’t afraid of losing you.

  • They are taking you for granted:

When your partner takes you for granted, it could mean he doesn’t value you anymore. They are going to neglect you and don’t see a reason to take care of you. If you are in such a situation, then is time to take a walk.

  • You aren’t compatible:

If you notice that you are not the perfect match with your partner, it might be time to walk away.

How do you walk away from someone you love?

To walk away from someone you love you have to take the following steps;

  • First of all, you have to realize that it’s going to hurt and allow yourself to grief
  • Realize that love is not enough. The fact that you love someone does not mean that they are the one for you.
  • Make a list of everything they do to you that irritates your soul and you’ll see the reasons why you need to leave.
  • Put yourself first: Above all, your happiness is important. If someone that claims to love you can do all that you have listed, then they don’t love you or care about your happiness.
  • Be aware that you are going to miss them, you should then look for positive distractions. Try to make new friends and hang out.
  • Work on yourself and do things that help you improve.
  • Try to find someone that will treat you better.

How do I know what my walk away is worth?

If they come back looking for you, it means that you walked away and did the job. It might take a little time for them to come to their senses.  But if they eventually do, you are going to see changes and they are going to start begging you to come back into their lives to play by your rule this time.

Why walking away is attractive

People can find the fact that you walked away attractive because it will make them even chase you more. Well, the reason is that when people fight for things, it makes them value them. So when you walk away, they are going to see you as a challenge and someone they have to chase. If they offend you and you leave, it will make them attracted to you more because the period you left is capable of making them realize your value and don’t mind going through the challenge of getting you back. 

Men want to be in control.  When you walk away it takes the power away from them. They would want to go through the fight of winning you over and getting that power again. When you walk away, they could miss you more, realize your value, and that is why they become more attracted to you.


It is tough to break ties with someone you love. But when it comes to self-care, you have to do anything that would keep your mental health safe even if it means walking away from the man you love. You should know when to walk away from any relationship because it is better to be single than be in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship. 

I hope this article helped you understand the power of walking away, why you should work away, and when you should walk away.

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