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What You Are A Great Person Means

What You Are A Great Person Means

Naturally, comments have a way of giving us this good feeling. And this is how it feels too when someone says you are a great person. Although you may not know why they think so, which is the reason why you are reading this post.

People have different reasons why they think you are someone to reckon with. This could be mainly because of the things you do and the way you act.

Being told you are a great person means you have an outstanding personality. It also could mean that you are a rare breed. Someone might tell you this if you have a selfless character.

Your special attitude is a great determinant in unraveling why you are given this kind of remark.

What does it mean when someone tells you that you are a great person?

To learn what it means when a person says this to you, you have clearly understood what the term great person means. To be seen as someone who is excellent means you possess certain desirable qualities.

But the person who is giving these compliments knows exactly why he said you are special. If it is in a work setting and someone says this to you, it could be that they have seen the amazing things you do at work. This could be why they regard you as such.

A person might say you are great while others have different opinions. With time, you might also notice while that person feels you are great.

Being told that you are extraordinary means you are someone to reckon with. If you are dating this person and say these words to you, it could mean you bring them peace.

Anyone who says these words to you must have seen you do something nice to others. Or because you have done it for them.

A spouse might see you as great if you are the perfect one for them. And if you always treated them with the utmost care, they will regard you as someone amazing.

People could also say this to you if they feel that’s what you want to hear. Maybe you look off or you have talked to them about an issue, they could say it to lift your mood.

It could also mean that a person has romantic feelings for you. Or likes you and felt like telling you something to compliment you. That could also be their way of saying they are interested in you.

Does being told you are a great person empower you?

Hearing someone say something nice about you can give you the boost to carry on no matter what the situation may be. So yes, being told that you are great can make you push even harder.

For instance, you are trying to get something done and you might be feeling not too motivated. But hearing this will give you a push. Even when someone sees something you must have done and says this to you, it gives you the desire to want to continue.

Just as with every other compliment, it feels good to be told that you are special. Especially when it is coming from someone who holds you in high regard. Or coming from someone whose opinion matters to you.

Even if you are told this by a random person, you will like the feeling. Although sometimes, you might wonder what made him think that you are someone unique.

It is not only good to receive this kind of comment. But also makes you a very special person if you can give out this comment too. So now that you know this, be kind enough to tell people that deserve it.

Be it family members, coworkers, neighbors, spouses, etc…

What characteristics make a great person?

A unique person is always there for others. This does not mean that they have to put the needs of others before theirs. But when it is necessary, they are selfless even with strangers.

They are not the type of people that would give up easily. Even when they fail, they will certainly try again. This is one thing that makes them always end up successful. They keep trying till they achieve their set goal.

If you have this personality, people would want to be friends with you. This is because you are a giver and always make sure you are at peace with others. You put it on yourself to provide for your needs as well as for your folks.

They have high values which they never go against. A great person is overly materialistic. They uphold their integrity very strongly.

Their respect for others is not based on status. A great person holds everyone with equal value. They don’t discriminate and are quick to stand up for their rights when the need arises.

When they are wrong, they are quick to offer an apology. They are not the type that will claim right when they know they are not.

In a relationship, it is out of their character to treat a romantic partner in toxic ways. If you date someone like this, you are sure to have one of the best relationship experiences.

It is normal for them to make sacrifices for others and put themselves in others’ shoes. This is the reason why they will never hurt others.

What is the difference between a good and a great person?

The latter is like the complete version of the former. Someone with good character has a kind heart and is always there for others. When they feel unappreciated or betrayed, they might reduce their level of kindness.

However, a great person understands that humans are of different kinds. If they fall victim to users, they will remotivate themselves and keep being who they are.

When it comes to the way the world works, a good person would see life challenges and solve them with their skills. To them, extra pushing is not their thing as long as they are okay.

But for the others, it is actually where they start from. They always feel there is more to achieve.

They work extra when others feel what they need. This is why they tend to always come out more successful than others. Because to them, there is always more to achieve even when it feels they have it all.

You have to have a little extra to yourself to be higher than others. If you have this set of people as colleagues they tend to do better than the rest.

How do you tell someone they are a great person?

Telling people these words is like showing them appreciation. You could walk up to them and tell them in person or you can employ other means to tell them. For instance, if someone has done something nice for you, you could say it to them.

You don’t have to use the words ‘you are great.’ You could also choose words like ‘I have worked with other people but I have never seen anyone as amazing as you are.’

Acknowledge their works. And describe why you think they stand out from every other person.

Make sure you use a very appealing tone. And avoid comments that make it seem you are complimenting them only because of today’s wins. This will make it seems like they have not done anything worthy of appreciation before now.

Keep your words short and filled with honesty. You don’t want to talk too much. Go straight to the areas that make you admire their personality.

What does it mean when a guy says a lady is great?

This depends on who the guy means to this person. But whatever way, this is usually a comment to appreciate someone. So if he is saying this to you, it means he is aware of how amazing you are.

These words could come from any guy even a stranger. Someone who has not had a word with you could even say this to you. It means they have studied your character and rated you highly.

If he is someone you are dating, it shows he is proud to have you and would do everything to remain with you. Because you have shown him what true love is all about.

This is not just based on how you treat him, but how you also handle your matters with other people. A guy who is not dating you could also use this as a way of professing their interest in you.

Quotes about being a great person

  • If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.

Robert H. Schuller

  • The older I grow, the more I am convinced that there is no education that one can get from books and costly apparatus. That is equal to that which can be gotten from contact with great men and women.

Booker T. Washington

  • Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about themselves. And small people talk about others

John C. Maxwell

  • The real distinction between being great and being less great seems to be the extent to which we are willing to be pushed along by our desires.

Melanie Brown

  • You don’t have to be the greatest, but become the person for whom even the greatest will fear

Ahmad R Kaz

  • Good leaders have experience. Great leaders have exposure.

Shara Hutchinson

  • Be Patient. Challenges Are Like Water… Watering The Seeds Of Greatness Inside You.

Wesam Fawzi

Final note

Receiving compliments like this is always something everyone longs for. Even if you don’t expect to get it from everyone, there are certain people whose compliments empower us to do more.

So if you have a spouse, a friend, family, or coworker don’t hoard your compliments from them. Everyone has an amazing personality.

Tell them this and always make sure you state why you think so. This could be all they have been wanting to hear.

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