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It’s Not You, It’s Your Relationship; 17 Signs Your Relationship Is Beyond Repair

It’s Not You, It’s Your Relationship; 17 Signs Your Relationship Is Beyond Repair

One thing everyone tries to avoid is completely wasting their time; when it comes to being in a relationship. Whether a relationship is over or not, can be a difficult thing to know on your own. In search of signs, your relationship is beyond repair. 

When a relationship suddenly becomes boring, your partner prefers to go out with other people now, even when you are together you still feel lonely. You are no longer interested in talking with each other, and both of you have decided you can no longer work on things anymore – these are signs your relationship is beyond repair and might be over anytime soon. 

Though these signs can be so clear as handwriting written on the wall, sometimes, they can be hard for you to spot, on your own. Even when you do, you are not sure if to quit or try to fix things. 

This is why I am going to share with you, 17 signs that show,  your relationship is beyond repair.


17 signs your relationship is over and beyond repair

1. You are no longer interested in talking to them

When you just started dating, when you are together it’s like time flies. You don’t want to even leave because you enjoy being and talking with them. Even when you both don’t have anything to say, you just want to be with them.

That’s all that matters to you. But suddenly, you don’t feel like that anymore. When you are with them, you don’t have any interest in talking with them and they too have no interest in talking to you. You can just sit and be busy on your phones, that shows your relationship is on the edge of falling off.

2. Feel alone when you are with them 

If spending time with them feels like you are alone, it’s a sign the relationship is over. You are together physically but emotionally, it’s like you are disconnected. This makes you so bored especially when you are living in the same house.

3. No longer do your activities together

When the flame of your relationship was still on, you are always together and you have activities that you do together. You have special days for dates and always go to some events, gathering together.

But recently, you are now seeing that you no longer go out, even on special dates you don’t even go out together. It’s a sign your relationship is in a state of collapsing.

4. Prefer to spend time with other people 

If you are dating someone they are supposed to be your priority. If your partner now prefers to spend time with other people instead of spending time with you, then they are tired of everything. 

They tell you they are busy,  but you see them hanging out with their friends or family.

5. Notice their flaws more often than before

One thing that love does to us is that it blinds our eyes from seeing our partner’s flaws. So when you start noticing all their mistakes, it is a sign you are starting to fall out of love with them.

If you stop seeing anything positive in them, you are now even fond of speaking badly about them to others, because they seem to now disgust you. It might be better for you to put an end to things.

6. Always have something to argue about

No one wants to accept their wrongs anymore. You are always arguing or fighting about something. 

The fight is so constant, that you both can not live a day without shouting at each other. No one wants to put their foot down for the other anymore.

7. No more emotional connection 

When you are with your partner you feel that spark that shows that you are in love. But if it’s no longer there it means that everything is gradually dying off. 

You don’t want to share your deep feelings with them anymore, can’t have a deep conversation, and don’t even miss them or crave to talk to them. That is a sign that your relationship can’t be saved anymore.

8. Lack of trust

If you feel like you can’t trust them anymore, you feel like they are cheating anytime they are not with you, and can’t believe anything they say, maybe because they have broken your trust before, then it’s time to end that relationship.

No relationship can survive without trust. If you don’t trust them then there is no need to continue dating them.

9. Physical intimacy does not appeal to you anymore

When you are in love with someone, your body and your soul craze for them. You can’t wait to touch them or feel their body. But suddenly, you don’t get that urge anymore.  

Even when you are having sex, it feels like you are not even there. That feeling of physical intimacy does not interest you anymore. It’s happening because you are no longer in love with them, and your relationship is heading towards a break-up soon.

10. Your gut is telling you to quit 

The fact that your guts start to tell you to end things, means that you are tired of everything. It’s crossing your mind because you are starting to see signs your relationship is beyond repair. And it’s best to listen to what your guts are telling you, to avoid wasting your time.

11. Can no longer imagine the future together

When you are in love with someone you see yourself in the future with them. You make plans for the two of you. And when you talk about the future you always add them to it. If you start to see that you no longer see a future with that person, then it’s because you are already noticing that your relationship is going nowhere.

12. Resentment 

You suddenly hate them and are looking for ways to cause them pain. You are ok with telling people how bad they are.

Maybe because of how badly they have treated you, you start to wish bad things for them. If you see that you hate them now then you should leave such a relationship.

13. Do not support each other

You don’t feel obliged to be for them. You use to be their biggest fan. 

But now, you no longer care about what is happening in each other’s lives and don’t even bother to show support for each other. 

No relationship can work like that; it’s better to put an end to it.

14. You feel drained by their presence

If being with them makes you feel down instead of being uplifted then your relationship is over. When they are with you, it’s like you are in bondage. 

Their presence spreads so much negativity around the room. I think it’s time for you to leave if this is your case.

15. Respect each other values is nill

In a relationship, you should be able to respect each other’s beliefs and opinions. If your partner is a Muslim and you are Christian, you should be able to respect their values.

But if you don’t even mind anymore then it’s obvious you are tired. If they don’t respect your standards and principles then it’s time for you to call it off.

16. No longer laughing together 

Time spent with your partner is supposed to be filled with laughter.  Even when something happens, your partner is supposed to be able to cheer you up with jokes. 

They don’t have to be that funny. When you love someone you just want to have fun with them so anything they do around you will make you laugh. If it’s not so, then there is a problem.

17. Your goals no longer align 

If you are not planning or supporting each other on your goals, there is no way your relationship is going to work out.

A relationship is a building process and if you see life differently, you can’t work together to achieve goals.

How to identify if your relationship is worth saving

1.  Enjoy spending time together 

Even if you are not on good terms at the moment, you are missing them and want to spend time with them. When your partner comes over, maybe just try to talk things with you, you see that deep down you, you don’t want them to leave.  

It means that you still very much love them and there is still an emotional connection between you two.

2. You both want to fix things

You think the spark between you too can be brought back to life. You are willing to talk things out with them and they are willing to. 

If both parties are willing to accept their wrongs and want to change for the better, it means they value the relationship. So if your relationship is like this then it is worth fighting for.

3. Still trust each other

Even though you two are currently fighting about something, or your partner just offended you. You still trust them and know whatever they did, they did not mean to do it.

4. Can’t think of life without them

You still see a future with them. Even when they have hurt you, you still can’t imagine your life without them. 

That is possible because your love for them is very strong. If they feel the same way, then your relationship has a future.

5. Still make each other smile 

When you are together, they still can make you smile even when you don’t want to. You may not be on good terms but when you hang out together, still you find a way to have a little fun time. 

That means your relationship is one of a kind. You and your partner still support each other and what makes each other happy. 

6. Apologize when you offend each other 

If they don’t hold back in giving you a sincere apology when they hurt you, it means they still love you. Your partner would not be willing to apologize if they don’t want the relationship to stand. 

If you too are quick to apologize and want to fix things, then your relationship is worth saving, no matter what might be going on right now.

Is it possible for a ruined relationship to be fixed?

It is possible to fix a ruined relationship. But both parties need to have the same level of commitment for this to work. You have to realize it’s going to take a lot of time, hard work, and effort, to be able to restore that connection between you too. 

 If trust is broken, it’s going to take an even longer time for it to be restored.

 So, you have to be aware of these challenges before you decide to try to fix a broken relationship. You can consider working with a therapist.

They might be able to help in ways you can get back together, and regain trust in each other.

How to recognize they are the one

1.  Quick to apologize 

A man who is quick to apologize is doing so because he cares so much about you, and feels sorry whenever he does something to hurt you. He apologizes and you see that he is trying to change his ways so as not to let such a thing happen again. 

2. Support  your dream

The love of your life is supposed to be your truest fan. He is supposed to be there for you through thick and thin.

If he supports you in your career or anything you do, and he is always there to cheer you up, he is ready to drop everything to be there when you need him, then I think you have found the one.

3. Your love is real 

Your feelings for them are so real. You don’t even mind how they look, you love them for what is on the inside. When you are with them, you feel a special connection deep inside you. 

You know you are willing to do anything for them and you are dying to have them in your life forever.

4. He shows you his vulnerable side

This is for men. One way you can know that a man is in love with you is when he lets his guard down around you. If he lets you see his weak side, like crying, it means that he already feels safe around you. He trusts you enough to lean on you when he is not strong.

5. You feel so good when they are around

You feel so excited when you are with them. It’s like time flies when they are with you. Your wish is that they could stay forever because they make you smile and give you so much joy. 

Even if you were sad before they came, your countenance changes and it feels like you are on cloud nine, when you see them.

6. See a future with them 

Are you already thinking about how many kids you want to have with them? Are you already making plans with them? Then, they might be the one for you. 

They are going to initiate long-term plans, and do anything to work towards having a wonderful future with you if they want to spend the rest of their lives with you.

7. He is kind

Well, kindness might seem like a common thing, but if your partner shows you so much kindness then they are really in love with you. 

They are sweet to you and assist you financially and otherwise, and are always ready to lend a helping hand when you need any. 

8. You trust him 

Do you trust them? Even when they are not with you, you don’t find yourself worrying about if they are going to cheat on you or not, you know they love you and can’t do anything to hurt you. If you trust them that much,  you can trust your heart with them.

Space, does it help a broken relationship?

If a relationship is broken, giving each other space can help. When you have issues that lead to the end of your relationship, space can help you both have time to think about everything. 

That way, you can be able to know if to try to get things back with them or to just keep things the way they are. Space enables you both to look back and see the problem with your relationship.

Alone time can make people realize a lot. When you give yourself time to think you would be able to know if you were in the right relationship or should be happy if things didn’t work out.

Why do people have irreparable relationships; how does it come to this?

People can start to fall out of love with each other or can start to make their relationship unhealthy, by having a lack of trust, cheating, lies, and even being abusive. 

When a relationship has come to this stage, it is irreparable because they have lost all the foundation elements that hold a relationship. The only thing they can do now is to force themself on each other, and guess we all know how that ends.

8 unarguable signs he wants you back

1. Stays in touch even if you mean to him

He is reaching back because he is missing you and has finally realized that he wants you back in his life. 

Even if you are mean to him or do not respond to his calls or his text, he is still going to keep trying to reach you. He is going to be even more persistent than the time he was trying to win your heart.

2. Keeps reminding you of good times

Tirelessly, he will try to remind you how you visited your favourite spots or how you spent a lot of quality time together.

He is doing this because he has not yet moved on and still has a lot of thoughts of you in his head. This is done to get you to start feeling the same way for him, hopefully. Reminding you of how you were there for each other and how you showed him so much, love.

3. Acting lonely 

If he is posting so many sad posts on social media, and suddenly begins to drink a lot, it’s a sign that he is missing you and his life feels void without you.

5. His friends are interested in your life 

His friends are now checking up on you, they are always calling or trying to be your friend. They are doing this because your ex is using them as a way to know what’s going on in your life.

6. Not dating anyone

Even when you have broken up for a while now your ex is still single. He might be taking this long to find someone new because he has not moved on from loving you.

7. You see him everywhere you go

It looks like a coincidence but he is always at every place that you are. He is doing this to look for a suitable place to properly apologize to you. Knowing your favourite spot, he goes there so he can see you.

8. Asking you out again

Is he starting to text you that he wants you back in his life? Then this is one obvious sign he wants you to start dating again.

Is it common to have an irreparable relationship?

It is very common to have an irreparable relationship. When you are dating or married to someone, they can fall out of love, thereby making the relationship beyond repair. 

This is while we see a lot of breakups and divorces these days. According to researchers, 41% of all marriage ends in divorce

How to tell if he is a user 

1. Only calls you when he is horny

If he is only calling you over when he wants sex. Like on a normal day he never calls or texts you, he only does that when he is horny then he is using you.

2. Does not open up to you

You have been dating him for a while now but you know nothing about him. He does not have an interest in having deep conversations with you.

3. No actual dates

He has never taken you out for a date. Even on special days, he ghosts you. Then he is just playing with you.

4. You have never met his friends 

No one knows you two are dating. You don’t even know anyone in his life. Because the only time you come over is at night. 

5. He does not see you when you are on your period

If maybe he asked you to come over and you tell him you are on your period, he will tell you not to bother. He is only there for the sex and if he can’t get it you are of no use to him.

6. Depends on you financially 

He is always calling you for financial assistance. Even when he knows you don’t have much he still takes from you. But when you want his help, he will never be there for you.

How long does it take to get over someone you love?

Getting over someone is a grieving process and it varies from person to person. It can take a few weeks for you to start to feel better, after breaking up with the one you love.

 But it can take from months to weeks to completely get over someone you love. It depends on how long you dated, and how much it meant to you.


Relationships go through a lot of challenges that make you think, ‘it’s over’ but if both parties are willing to talk to each other and willing to fix things, there is a possibility it can work out.

Even when your relationship shows all these signs mentioned in this article, it can only end when you or your partner have decided they don’t want to change or work on things anymore. If your relationship has become unhealthy for you, then it’s time to leave

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